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Monterosa Guided Olive Oil Tours

A Walk Through the Olive Grove: Ideas to Increase Guided Tour Revenue

Last fall, we had the pleasure of attending an olive grove and olive oil facility for a guided tour to see first hand how hiqh quality olive oil is produced. Monterosa Olive Oil Farm in Moncarapacho, Portugal provides visitors with a delightful, informative tour accompanied by an olive oil tasting of their products. In this…
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Analytics Dashboard

Event Analytics Dashboard For the last several months we’ve been accumulating data on event sales, tickets, products and donations. In addition, we have been tracking abandoned orders, email deliveries and more in order to put together an interactive event dashboard. You can see the event analytics dashboard by logging in to your ThunderTix account and…
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Group Discount Requirements

Automated Group Discounts

ThunderTix Updates Group Discounts – Applied Automatically Do you offer group discounts…say for groups of ten or more? Next time you go to create a new coupon, check out our new automatic group event discounts. Create your own group event discount that will automatically apply a discount at checkout when the minimum number of online…
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fast ticketing software

Blazing Fast Speeds!

We’ve upgraded our software…and it’s made a difference! Winter is always a time for upgrades and improvements to the foundation of our code, and this year was no exception. We’ve spent the last few months preparing for two major upgrades. The first was a recently updated database which provided a significant improvement to our speeds…
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Valentines Update

Event Design Improved

Love…err…Change is in the Air! Creating Events is a little different…but it’s better! The next time you go to create a new event, or replicate an existing event, you may notice that the “look” may be a little different than you’ve grown accustomed to. We’ve improved the design! The options for building your next event…
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Reserved Seating Season Package

Season Packages for Reserved Seating Events

Reserved Seating Season Packages! Subscribers purchase reserved seating packages but I have to enter each event separately to insure the same seats are reserved at each event and email [ticket] purchaser. It would be great if we had the option to pick multiple events and select seating options and it automatically assigned seating. Francine R.…
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2017 New Years Updates - Sort by Event Name

Sort by Event Name or Date

Sort Options For The Events Page Instead of all of our events listed being listed in alphabetic order it would be so much easier to have different options when it comes to sorting. If we had the option to sort our events by “Date” that would be ideal. Carrie L. When you login to the…
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Clear Downloaded Event Reports

Faster is Better for Coupons and Downloaded Reports

Clear All Downloaded Event Reports I download two event reports for each show. I end up with a lot of downloads in the Downloads list. To clear the list, I must carefully click the X next to the report, then click OK. A simple “Clear all downloads” button would be extremely helpful. Ken G. And…
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customer management

Improved Reporting and Management

Export Survey Answers by Event and Date We use the Survey feature to ask every customer how they heard about the show. We would like to be able to pull those results by some combination of date range, events, and “how heard” type. I would like to know how many people heard about an event…
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Changes to Event Refunds

Event Refunds Have Changed IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING REFUNDS In the past, event refunds were made as a dollar amount that applied to the whole order. For reporting purposes and reconciliation, this made creating accurate reports very difficult when partial refunds were given. How should the refunds be applied to the order? To the tickets? If…
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