How Mobile Wallets Provide Convenience Ticketing for Live Events

Illustration of a band performing at a concert venue with a user holding up their phone displaying a ticket

What are mobile wallets?

When it comes to live events where the ease of access and seamless experiences can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, convenience is king. A ThunderTix, we've adopted this mantra in a variety of ways starting with mobile friendly display, ensured that ticket purchases are very easy and adopted mobile wallets -- Apple Wallet and Google Wallet -- for ticket storage and retrieval.

Image of hand holding mobile phone with mobile wallet with barcoded event ticket on the screen display
Mobile wallets are digital versions of traditional wallets that store payment methods, loyalty cards, and, importantly for our clients, event tickets. Apple Wallet (formerly Passbook) and Google Wallet (previously Google Pay) are the two primary players in this space.

A Brief History

  • Apple Wallet: Launched in 2012 as Passbook, it was rebranded to Apple Wallet in 2015. It started as a way to store boarding passes, movie tickets, and coupons, and has since expanded to include a wider range of digital cards and passes.
  • Google Wallet: Originally introduced in 2011 as a digital payment method, it merged with Android Pay to form Google Pay in 2018, and was rebranded back to Google Wallet in 2022. Its functionality mirrors that of Apple Wallet, offering a convenient way to store tickets and passes.

Why encourage the use of mobile wallets in live events?

1. Speed and Efficiency

Mobile wallets streamline the entry process. With tickets stored in a wallet, attendees can simply use their smartphones to gain entry. This leads to shorter lines and a smoother flow at the entrance, enhancing the overall customer experience.

2. Security and Reliability

Tickets stored in mobile wallets are less prone to loss or damage compared to physical tickets. Additionally, they offer enhanced security features like encryption and authentication processes, reducing the risk of fraud.

3. Environmental Benefits

Moving to digital ticketing reduces the need for printed tickets, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly event management approach.

How ThunderTix Facilitates Mobile Wallet Integration

ThunderTix has developed dedicated Apple and Android apps that seamlessly integrate with mobile wallets. Here's how we make it easy for our clients:

  • Multi-Format Ticket Scanning: Our apps are equipped to scan barcodes from paper tickets, emailed barcodes, and digital passes from mobile wallets.
  • Simplified Delivery: Tickets are delivered directly to attendees' mobile wallets with a tap of a button from emailed purchase confirmations, ensuring easy access and storage.

Encouraging attendees to use mobile wallets

Inform and educate your patrons on how mobile ticketing works. Include directions in outgoing emails, and announce your adoption of these wallets on social media. Provide clear instructions on how wallets work -- especially important to those new to wallet storage. Of course, train staff to assist those patrons who might struggle to access wallets.

On event night, customers will appreciate the electronic delivery, and entry lines will move more quickly when customers do not have to search through emails or lament the printed tickets left at home.

Digital Wallets -- more than a trend, they're convenient

The adoption of mobile wallets for ticketing is more than a trend; it's a step towards a more efficient, secure, and enjoyable event experience. At ThunderTix, we are committed to empowering our clients with the tools and technology to stay ahead in this digital age. By embracing mobile wallets, we not only streamline the ticketing process but also open the door to a world of possibilities in customer engagement and event management. Let's move forward together, towards a smarter, more connected future in live event ticketing.