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How Mobile Wallets Provide Convenience Ticketing for Live Events

What are mobile wallets? When it comes to live events where the ease of access and seamless experiences can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, convenience is king. A ThunderTix, we’ve adopted this mantra in a variety of ways starting with mobile friendly display, ensured that ticket purchases are very easy and adopted mobile wallets — Apple…
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Barcode Scanning on an iPhone

How the ThunderTix App Works The native iOS app uses the camera already built in to the Apple’s phones and tablets as the scanner. On the day of the event, the staff member scanning will open the app, login using their ThunderTix username and password, and like the USB option, choose the event, position the…
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Barcode Scanning with USB Powered Scanner

Traditional Barcode Scanning using a Computer We firmly believe that the best option for scanning tickets is with a corded USB barcode scanner like a Motorola DS4308 that can scan both paper tickets and tickets from the customer’s smart phone. A USB scanner plugs in to some device like a laptop, netbook or tablet and…
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Free Barcode Scanning App

Reduce ticket fraud with barcode ticket scanning Our free iOS app and Android app for barcode scanning verifies tickets in less than a second. Faster entrance into your venue or event translates to happier customers and more time for them to spend money on concessions. Designed for iPads and iPhones, download the app, log in…
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Getting Started With Barcoded Ticket Scanning

A long line of people translates into lost opportunities for greater profits. Why? Because people who are “too busy” standing in line don’t buy food and drinks, t-shirts, or souvenirs. So how do you minimize long lines and get people through the door faster without adding more staff? Three words: barcoded ticket scanning You may…
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Serve, Sell & Scan Tickets with Tablet Computers

Tablet computers, like the ASUS Transformer Prime and Google’s Nexus 7, are the hottest consumer products available. Tablets are also great tools for ticket sales and improving gate efficiency when they are used with a handheld barcode scanner. In this post, busy venues and tour guides considering a tablet can read of the potential benefits as well as use with a…
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how to add wifi to events

Ask the experts: How to add a wifi network at events

In the year 2013, your customers expect wifi at your event. But having a wifi network installed is not a trivial task. During a recent panel discussion at SXSW, industry experts shared their knowledge on how to add a wifi network at events. Plus, once you have made wifi available, this post has tips on…
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Gate efficiency – A look at barcode scanners

Like any technology, barcode scanners are constantly changing. What never changes is the need for your event to be cost effective and profitable. We’ll quickly take a fresh look at how ticket barcode scanners increase gate efficiency and reduce patron wait times. Why do we blog this? Whether your venue has one entrance or several, the use…
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