Getting Started With Barcoded Ticket Scanning

ticket barcode scanner

A long line of people translates into lost opportunities for greater profits. Why? Because people who are "too busy" standing in line don't buy food and drinks, t-shirts, or souvenirs. So how do you minimize long lines and get people through the door faster without adding more staff?

Three words: barcoded ticket scanning

You may be thinking "barcoded tickets are overkill for my event." But it’s not the complicated moonshot you think it is because the ticketing software does the heavy lifting for you.

To help you understand if scanning is right for you, let’s look at some of the cost savings and benefits…

Saving Time & Money

Any investment in a barcode ticket system must be weighed against the cost savings it would provide.

If employees are using tally counters at the entrances, that's proof you are interested in saving money by increasing gate efficiency. Of course, those old fashion tally counters don't validate tickets so the cost savings is nominal.

barcoded ticket scanning and staffBarcoded ticket scanning is an efficient way to validate tickets. That means your employees will be able to perform more ticket validations per-hour. The more time saved, the more profitable your events will be.

If you hire temporary staff to only work on the day of your event, barcoded ticket scanning will allow you to have fewer temps at each event.

Barcoded ticket scanning can save time and money far beyond the entrance gates since the act of scanning tickets accumulates actionable data on each of your customers. That data can prove an invaluable should there be a need to settle a chargeback or verify whether or not a customer actually attended your event.

Generating More Revenue From Concessions 

In addition to event staff cost savings, the efficiency of barcoded ticket scanning has the potential to bring in extra revenue from food and drink concessions since you'll have more people inside sooner.

A previous post discussing selling tickets online noted that Jimmy Buffet concerts bring in more revenue from alcohol sales than some musical acts generate in ticket sales. Even though live music venues make the most of drink concessions, just about any type of event can tap into the lucrative "dwell time" that ticket scanning provides.

Turning Ticket Buyers Into Salespeople

If food and drink concessions are not part of your business model, there is another benefit to adopting a barcoded ticket system: ticket buyer affinity.

No one likes to wait in line. And since barcoded ticket scanning will get people in the door faster, those happy attendees will be much more likely to recommended your future events to their friends, a powerful sales tool indeed.

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Image source: Wiki Commons