Conferences and Trade Shows

Registration Software for Conferences Trade Shows

5 Reasons to use ThunderTix for Conferences & Trade Shows

  1. Sell vendor booths using an uploaded floor chart displaying Exhibitor's locations
  2. Lower costs and increase attendance with no fees and automated ticket price changes
  3. Let speakers, VIPs and vendors register before the public
  4. Get your money faster with nightly deposits
  5. Collect and manage registrant and vendor contact data

Sell Booth Space Faster with Online Floor Charts

Offer online floor space layouts that let your vendors choose, pay, and confirm their selection at their convenience. Set up your events with reserved seating to sell floor spaces for your vendors.

Optionally, floor charts can display booth locations by company name, letting your vendors see the best space for them in relation to other vendors.

Lower Costs & Increase Attendance

ThunderTix does not charge your customers per-ticket fees, but you may add any fees or service charges you wish - and keep 100% of the revenue generate. Using the print-at-home feature, attendees and vendors print out tickets/credentials using their own printer, paper, and tone (not yours) - eliminating the need for expensive professionally printing services.

ThunderTix offers you the ability to set up automatic ticket price changes as your events draw nearer. You can easily schedule ticket price increases to occur automatically at a certain number of days before the event. This is commonly used to offer early bird pricing for a limited time as well as price increases that occur on the event day. Advanced purchases help you better plan for staffing and resources with more accurate head counts before the event. Of course, you can still change ticket prices at any time in addition to any scheduled ticket price changes.

Let Speakers, V.I.P.s and Vendors Register Before the Public

Conference speakers and others you wish to have signed-up separately from the general public can do so using private pre-sale events.

Once all attendees are registered, use our barcode system for a smooth orderly badge pick-up process.

Get Nightly Deposits

You won’t have to wait until the all booth space is sold or the day after your trade show for your sales dollars. Sales are directly deposited nightly into your own business bank account.

Use the money as it comes in to promote and advertise the event or fund additional conferences in other locations you may have upcoming.

Collect and Manage Lucrative Contact Data

ThunderTix contact management keep track of all your speakers, vendors, exhibitors and attendees in secure database.

The contact information provides you with the tools needed to perform follow-up marketing and critical vendor to attendee sales lead generation.

ThunderTix Registration Software for Conferences & Trade Shows

Managers of conferences and trade shows have one thing on their mind - a successful event resulting in a lucrative database of attendee contact information. ThunderTix event registration and ticketing software is tailor made for the demands of any size conference or trade show including full and sole access to your own attendee information, and the ability to sell vendor booth space and sell registrant passes.

Save Money and Time!