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Using your smartphone as a hotspot

If you are having difficulty with your regular internet provider, we recommend setting up your  iPhone or Android device as a mobile WiFi hotspot. Doing so lets you share your smartphone’s mobile network connection with your other devices, allowing them to connect to the internet anywhere that you have mobile service. Please note that this…
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Sync your events with Google Calendar

Our engineers are always hard at work to improve our clients and customer’s experience when using ThunderTix. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to announce that you can now Sync Events with Google Calendar! Syncing ThunderTix events to Google Calendars is not only beneficial to patrons but also for employees and event managers. They will now…
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Illustration of a band performing at a concert venue with a user holding up their phone displaying a ticket

How Mobile Wallets Provide Convenience Ticketing for Live Events

What are mobile wallets? When it comes to live events where the ease of access and seamless experiences can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, convenience is king. A ThunderTix, we’ve adopted this mantra in a variety of ways starting with mobile friendly display, ensured that ticket purchases are very easy and adopted mobile wallets — Apple…
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Illustration showing various venue types such as concerts, performing arts, magic shows, and dinner theaters.

How to Maximize Ticket Revenue in 2024: Strategies for Live Entertainment Venues

9 actionable methods to increase ticket revenue The close of one year allows us to reflect on our performance while eagerly anticipating new processes to implement in the upcoming new year especially on how to maximize ticket revenue. From live entertainment venues, be it music halls, magic shows, cabaret dinner theaters, or performing arts centers,…
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Jar of coins and a laptop with the words, "Tax savings 101 for Donors"

Educate Donors About Year-End Tax Benefits

For the performing arts, the holidays represent both an opportunity to call on potential donors but also to educate donors about the year-end tax benefits of those contributions. This time of celebration and gratitude gives patrons the chance to support their favorite causes while helping your organization thrive. In this post, we provide some ideas…
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stage with thank you for financial support for performing arts theater

Encore of Gratitude: 15 Ways to Elevate Donor Appreciation in the Arts

What are the best and most creative ways to show donor appreciation? Recognizing and thanking donors is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and encouraging continued support. When you publicly express your gratitude, you provide increased visibility for your organization and a feel-good moment for your individual donors. Further, these public displays of thanks inspire others…
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Navigating the Grant Landscape: A Guide for Performing Arts Organizations and Non-Profits

Securing funding through grants is a crucial aspect of sustaining and growing performing arts organizations and non-profits. As the grant landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for these entities to be well-versed in the art of grant writing. In this blog post, we will explore general best practices, pitfalls to avoid, recommended writing styles, and…
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