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Does ThunderTix have any setup fees? 
There are no setup fees for general admission events.  If your event requires a seating chart for assigned seating, there is a one-time fee to build your custom-designed seat map. There is a minimum $250 charge (of 55 cents per seat) reduced to $175 (of 40 cents per seat) for non-profits.

Do you have a contract? 
We have no contracts or minimum terms.  When your event is over, you can put your account into Maintenance Mode for $10/mo for full report access. This option is great if you have more events in the future to retain all account settings, seating charts and customer data. Alternatively, you may simply cancel, and we will delete your account data.

What do your monthly pricing plans include?
Every account includes 100 tickets in the monthy billing cycle. We also include access to our primary platform features like coupons and discounts, product sales, surveys, a full customer relationship manager, reporting, and loyalty plans. You may also take advantage of our built-in fundraising tools that prompt patrons to give while completing purchases. Further, you may sell gift cards or even provide your customers with refunds on purchases as a gift card to retain revenues. These latter two items incur a very small charge of 1.5 - 2.5% of the total donation made or gift card sold.

Do you offer email capabilities?
Every order generates an automated email to your customer with event details, scannable barcodes, and eTickets as desired. We'll even copy the email to other staff members for you. These emails are included with your plan.

We also offer a pre-event reminder and a post-event survey to elicity customer feedback. These are offered at 1 penny per email and require no additional charges. 

Finally, you may take advantage of our mass email marketing tools with fully customizable templates. All email services require a setup process for $145 and $5 per month thereafter. Each email incurs a 1 penny per email charge.
What day does the billing cycle begin?
Your billing cycle start date is based on the day you start your plan. When you first get started, you'll automatically have a 14-day free trial to test out the software. After that point, you have several options.

  1. Start automatically after your 14-day trial ends
  2. End the trial early to go live and accept credit card payments sooner
  3. Extend the trial for additional 14-day periods to go live on whatever date you prefer.

Do you provide credit card processing?
By choosing your own payment gateway for credit card processing, we'll direct revenue directly to your merchant bank nightly rather than having to wait until after the event. We support Stripe, Moneris, Braintree,, Elavon, and MiGS. 

Do complimentary tickets count towards ticket usage?
Discounted and comped tickets always count towards the monthly ticket usage. The ticket count is there to monitor traffic as tickets are generated and stored on the server.

What if don't have events year-round?

We require no contracts, so you may cancel at any time. Alternatively, if you want to maintain your data until youreventreturns, choose or "Maintenance" option for only $10/month. This allows you to have full access to reporting, your CRM, optional mass mail, and to sell gift cards orcollect donations.

How will I connect my events in ThunderTix to my website?

We provide an easy HTML snippet to copy and paste right into your website. Choose from several options such as a calendar, a list of all upcoming events, or individual events and performances.

What kind of hardware will I need for my box office?"

ThunderTix is a cloud-based ticketing software, so all tools are available through a web browser on any device -- desktop computer, laptop, tablet or phone and any operating system such Mac and PC or iOS and Android. We offer hardware such as credit card readers for more convenient payment processing.

What is required for barcode scanning?

Our free iOS and Android barcode scanning apps work on any mobile device such as phones or tablets. (The apps also support ticket and product sales.) We also rent and sell handheld barcode ticket scanners for long-term use at the box office

How do we provide event information to organizations that rent our venue?

Our "event restricted user" option allows you to provide logins to venue renters providing specific access to their event only. This keeps your organizational data private. Even better, there is no need to send financials and ticket sales data, as their unique login provides them full access to manage their own event details, guest lists, and reporting.

How long does it take to get set up to sell tickets?
Account setup takes seconds, adding your gateway takes a few minutes more, and event creation takes less than five minutes if you have your images, event information and pricing on hand. So, if you have a gateway, there is no reason you cannot be ready to sell tickets on the same day you sign up. If you don't have a gateway, we recommend Stripe. Their pricing is transparent at 2.9% of revenue and 30 cents per transaction and no monthly fees or contracts. Most clients are approved within 24 hours.