Live Music Ticket Sales


6 Reasons Live Music Venues Switch to ThunderTix

  1. Our subscription pricing saves money vs. others that charge your customers high ticket fees, but call their system "free"
  2. No more waiting for your ticket funds - receive ticket sales revenue faster with nightly deposits
  3. Offer private ticket pre-sales to V.I.P.s and fan clubs before the general public
  4. In addition to your website & box office, securely allow let others to sell your tickets
  5. Harness the power of social media with tools that increase event awareness
  6. Dynamic Ticket Pricing

ThunderTix Subscription Pricing vs. "Free" Systems w/Ticket Fees

As providers of ticketing software that has no per-ticket fees, we are uniquely positioned to improve your live music ticket sales. Our ticketing software is priced as a flat annual license based on the number of tickets needed per year.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to use the calculator which will show you the benefits of the ThunderTix subscription model vs. others that charge your customers per-ticket fees.

Receive Ticket Sales Proceeds Faster with Nightly Deposits

As tickets are purchased, all ticketing income is directly deposited nightly into your business bank account with the connection of a secure online payment gateway. Use the money as it comes in to further advertise and promote the event or have the cash on-hand reserve the vendors needed in advance.

If you already do online processing of credit cards, you can sign-up for a new account and start selling tickets the same day.

Ticket Pre-Sales for VIPs & Fan Clubs

Limit access to pre-sale tickets by marking them semi-private when you create a new event. Make pre-sales exclusive to certain VIPs and band fan clubs at a discount or at a higher price for privileged access. Set the exact dates and time when the pre-sales are over to open sales to the general public.

Securely Sell Tickets on 3rd Party Websites and Partner Outlets

In addition to selling tickets online on your website and at the box office, we make it easy to also sell through 3rd parties with simple website widgets that display the event within external websites for additional sales. We offer embed codes to make this as easy as a copy and paste. You can begin selling tickets on any website instantly with our event calendar HTML, event list, or event date search options.

3rd party sales are recorded as the Referrer on the order to show from which website the customer purchased the tickets. In addition, our Event Restricted Access feature allows you the flexibility to create users to sell tickets with the ability to access only the events you specify. And speaking of casting your ticket sales net as widely as possible....

Harness the Power of Social Media & Increase Event Awareness

The Power of Social Media

Sell tickets directly on your Facebook Page where the experience is familiar to your customers. And you can post new events to Facebook too, which saves time reducing duplicate data entry. The Facebook event will automatically bring in your event details, including the link where Facebook users can go to directly buy tickets. When you book a band with a big Twitter and Facebook fan base, all important sharing buttons are included to amplify event awareness after the purchase and from the email confirmation receipt.

Dynamic Ticket Pricing

ThunderTix offers you the ability to set up dynamic ticket pricing, allowing you the flexibility to automatically increase ticket prices as your events draw nearer. With dynamic ticket pricing, you can easily schedule ticket price changes to occur automatically at a specified number of days prior to the event. This is commonly used to offer early bird pricing for a limited time as well as price increases that occur on the day of the event.

The goal of dynamic pricing is to motivate ticket buyers to purchase their tickets early rather than waiting to buy at the door. Advanced purchases help you better plan for staffing and resources with more accurate head counts leading up to the event. Of course, you still have the same capability to change ticket prices at will any time in addition to the options available with scheduled ticket price changes.

Ready to Rock & Roll?  

Be it rowdy Rock & Roll or an intimate solo performance, the demands of live music ticket sales are the same. Let us help you save money, while meeting your business needs to sell as many tickets as possible, online and at the box office.