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Reasons Festival Operators Switch to ThunderTix

  1. Our subscription pricing can significantly cut costs for your customers vs. others that charge you ticket fees!
  2. Create multi-day passes, then add overnight camping & parking passes as extras.
  3. We help keep ticket fraud at bay with barcode ticket scanners that we rent and sell.
  4. Make even more money by selling advertising one the tickets (we don't take a cut of it either).
  5. Schedule Automatic Ticket Price Changes

ThunderTix Subscription vs. Others That Charge You Ticket Fees

As providers of ticketing software that has no per-ticket fees, we are uniquely positioned to improve your festival's profitability.

Our festival ticketing software is priced as a flat annual license based on the number of tickets needed per year. Many organizations switch to ThunderTix to earn more money.

Want to see for yourself? Click here to use the calculator which will show you the benefits of the ThunderTix subscription model vs. others that charge you per-ticket fees (you could save a ton of money!)

Sell Multi-Day Passes With or Without Overnight Camping

Festival Ticket OptionsWe make it easy (and profitable) to create multi-day passes for your festival. Build ticket packages in a way that best suits your festivals needs, then let us present them on your website in a easy to understand manner.

Sell multi-day passes on your website, or just about anywhere else using different user logins and the ability to create event restricted users.

And to make even more money, you can build lucrative overnight camping and parking passes.

Keep Ticket Fraud at Bay with Barcodes

Our software provides real-time gate control and ticket validation that integrates with tablets, laptops and handheld scanners at each entrance. In addition to the software that creates barcode tickets, the system includes:

And remember, an integrated barcode ticket system increases gate efficiency, thus lowering your staffing costs.

Make Even More Money from Advertising on Your Tickets

If you have vendors and suppliers you work with, we encourage you  to sell advertising space on the event PDF ticket.

Click here to see an example of the revenue from selling ad on tickets

Or add coupons to increase souvenir sales ("Bring this with you to get a dollar off a commemorative T-shirt!") for yourself or your vendors.

Schedule Automatic Ticket Price Changes

ThunderTix offers dynamic ticket pricing, allowing you to automatically increase ticket prices as your events draw nearer. You can easily schedule ticket price changes to occur automatically at a specified number of days prior to the event. This feature is commonly used to offer early bird pricing for a limited time as well as price increases that occur on the event day.

The goal of dynamic pricing is to motivate buyers to purchase tickets early rather than waiting to buy closer to the event date. Advanced purchases help you better plan for resources and staff with more accurate headcounts leading up to the event. Of course, you still have the same capability to change ticket prices at any time in addition to scheduled ticket price increases.

Don't Pay For More Than You Need!

Ticket sales for festivals are often in the thousands and tens of thousands, and our festival ticketing software is tiered for that reason. Switch to ThunderTix to choose your pricing tier today!

We have several levels to choose from, each one is an economical way to start selling tickets today. If you don’t see your annual ticket volume listed, please contact us and we will work with you for plan that is the right fit.

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