Automated Emails

Additional Options for Automated Emails

In addition to the default automated email features, you now have even more options when it comes to keeping your customers in the loop with automated emails. For a small cost calculated by the number of emails sent, you have the option of sending a reminder email to customers a specified number of days before an event and the option to send a customized email to customers after an event.

Default Automated Emails

At no additional cost, the following options are included with your account.

  • Confirmation Email Receipt:

    Customers receive an order confirmation and receipt after a purchase. You also have the option to receive confirmation emails as an admin. Customize the email template to include your own logo, colors, customized email information about the event, etc.

  • Donation Email Receipt:

    Customize your own message to send to patrons any time the provide an optional donation either with the purchase of an event or through one of your fundraising campaigns. We'll use the branded email template with your logo and colors that you created for your standard email receipts. This is a great place to mention if your organization is a 501(c)(3) and whether or not the donation is tax-deductible.

  • Inventory Alert Notifications:

    Notify your staff when the ticket inventory for a specific event dips below a specified threshold in the "Remaining Ticket Display" on any event. Send the inventory alert email to as many staff email addresses as you need.

  • Sold Out Alert Notifications:

    Like the Inventory Alert email, you can have ThunderTix automatically send an email as soon as an event sells out. Send the inventory alert email to as many staff email addresses as you need. When your events sell out, we will automatically display SOLD OUT to your customers and if enabled, a waiting list will be displayed as well.

  • Daily Summary Emails:

    On any day that orders have been processed in ThunderTix, we will send you a summary of sales information on the following day.

  • Declined and Abandoned Order Alerts:

    We will alert you about abandoned orders when a customer enters their first and last name along with an email address or phone number. Sometimes a customer may rethink a purchase due to high fees or indecision about the event. Contacting them can help turn an abandoned order into a paid one.

    We will notify you when orders are declined for credit card validation reasons. As a logged-in user, you often have fewer restrictions to process a credit card than a public user. Allowing declined customers to contact you directly can help you increase ticket sales.

  • Email Reminders:

    Automatically send an email to customers a specified number of days/hours before an event. You have the option to include this for any event or you can apply this feature to select events.

  • Post-event Emails:

    Automatically send a custom email to customers the morning after an event. This could be used to provide a link to request reviews/ratings on your yelp or TripAdvisor pages, include a link to a custom event assessment survey, inform customers about upcoming events, or anything else you want to include.

ThunderTix Mass Mail

ThunderTix makes it easy to contact all of your attendees in case of an event change or cancellation. We offer an in-house mass mail system that allows you to send out emails to attendees with just a few clicks. These emails are HTML friendly and can be sent to all attendees or only attendees of certain performance dates. There is no monthly cost for the mass mail service. Instead, it only costs 1¢ for each email sent.

Event Mass Mail

Email Validation Service

Save frustration for your customers and staff by enabling email validation on your account! Let's face it...ticket buyers are often in a hurry and it's not uncommon for them to make mistakes entering their address...wait! I mean address! When this happens, customers panic when they don't receive the tickets they just paid for.

We now offer an email validation service that will check the validity of an email address the moment it's entered on a ticket order. This allows your customers to fix common errors or misspellings in their email addresses before they submit the order, ensuring they'll receive their order receipt and tickets. The cost for email validation is $0.01 per email checked billed monthly.