Customizable checkout questions

Get Sales Insight with Custom Surveys

Image of the text, "So, how did you find out about us?"

Answers to questions like these can provide important information that helps your venue make decisions about allocating advertising dollars, choosing entertainment types, or even considering operation hours for box office staff.

ThunderTix is proud to announce our custom survey feature allowing you to pose up to five different, customized questions to your patrons during the ticket purchase process. Make the questions optional or required to ensure you receive answers to questions you must know to fulfill an order appropriately.

Purchase Process Survey - How It Works

Create a Survey of questions to display during the Purchase Process. You determine whether you want answers to be open-ended or if you prefer your patrons to choose from a pre-set list of options you create. Then, pick and choose which events you want to utilize that survey. Customers will be prompted to answer those questions during purchase.

Marketing Survey What your patron sees Marketing Analytics
1. Creating a survey 2. What the patron sees 3. Powerful Marketing Analytics


Answers are tracked by event to the individual survey and to each customer order. All answers are exportable at any time to CSV and can be sorted as needed. Filter your survey responses by date and/or by individual events prior to exporting to pair down your data.

Requiring Answers or Not

We want to give you every possible tool to help you improve your bottom line; this includes powerful resources such as required survey answers. Research suggests that overly strict intrusions into the purchase process can be detrimental to the user experience, thus reducing your tickets sales. For that reason, we suggest you limit your surveys to 1-2 questions and make them optional.  You should make answering questions mandatory only when the information is essential to orders or registration.

Post-Event Email Survey - How It Works

Just like the purchase process survey, the post-event email survey allows you to customize up to five questions to ask patrons after they attended your event. The post-event survey option is available through an upgrade to any ThunderTix plan as a part of automated post-event emails. When you upgrade to add post-event emails to your account, ThunderTix will automatically email your patrons the day after they attend the event to include the custom event assessment questions you create.

Post-Event Survey Post-Event Survey Results
Creating a post-event survey Post-Event Analytics