Custom event email receipt

When selling tickets with ThunderTix, event tickets are delivered using a custom event email receipt that reflects the brand of your organization. Generate more ticket sales after the event purchase with powerful social sharing. Also, inspire additional ticket purchases by advertising other upcoming events at your venue using the custom event email receipt.

How the custom event email receipt works

Each confirmation email receipt includes all the necessary details from the order such as event date, time, and an embedded Google Map with directions to the venue. Customize each email confirmation by event with a targeted message at the top and bottom of the receipt. Provide information about parking or what time doors open. For a simpler concept, "set and forget" your custom email messages in your account settings which apply to all events. Optionally customize your event email details with HTML to draw attention to important event information.

Fine-tune your event email display by disabling individual items of the email template for all events.

  • Don't want your sales agent's name to appear on the customer's receipt?
  • Want to upload your organization's logo and custom colors to match your website?

As seen in the screenshot below, edit your email confirmation template to quickly create a custom event email that reflects your brand.

Edit confirmation email receipt to exclude information

Confirmation emails can also be part of a larger marketing strategy that spurs additional tickets sales and raises event awareness. Let's look at how that's done.

Advertise other upcoming events

Include your other upcoming shows in the custom email confirmations sent to ticket buyers. Raise awareness for up to three other upcoming events chosen at random with embedded images and direct links to purchase. Capture the excitement right after purchase while the customer may be most open to splurging for additional tickets. Then, when the expected receipt arrives and your customer prints out their electronic tickets, the likelihood of an additional purchase is at its peak. As seen below, the event email receipt is a virtual marquee of event awareness for your venue, increasing the probability of additional ticket sales.

The custom event email shows other upcoming events inspiring more ticket sales

Track email and ticket delivery statistics

With every order paid and custom event email receipt sent, you'll be able to track the email delivery to each recipient. At any time, track whether the custom event email was delivered, opened, clicked on, bounced, or accidentally marked as spam along with timestamps of each action. Then, take action to remove patrons from a bounce or spam lists using a single click and resend their email confirmation receipt again. Access email delivery statistics and analytics on all order receipts, donation receipts, automated email reminders, and post-event emails.

Email delivery statistics and analytics

In addition, send the custom event email receipt to a new email address in the case that a customer entered the wrong email. If a customer misplaces or deletes their email receipt, you can click to resend it with the click of a link from their event order. View customer email delivery statistics Further, customers can self-serve with an option to resend their own upcoming event email confirmation receipts. Save time in the box office by allowing customers to take action with a single click, automatically re-sending all upcoming event emails and tickets.

Increase customer appreciation with email validation

For the best email confirmation delivery statistics in the industry, add an email validation service to your account today! Too often, customers misspell their email, especially when purchasing on mobile. In the past, we've had to type our email twice which was time-consuming and often ineffective when copying and pasting. Customers easily transpose letters when tapping their email on a mobile device resulting in This small error causes the event email receipt to bounce. If customers realize they spelled their email incorrectly and don't receive their tickets, their event experience will be off to a rocky start.

With the optional email validation service, we check the email to confirm it's a real address using a third-party email service the moment they finish typing. We notify them their entered email is invalid prior to submitting the order, allowing them time to correct spelling errors and ensure their tickets are delivered. Pay for the email validation service based only on usage by the number of emails validated each month. Start the event experience outright making sure that customers have the best opportunity to receive their email and event tickets!

Sending event tickets via custom email and custom PDF

Print-at-Home electronic tickets are automatically included with each event email receipt. The money-saving electronic ticket includes an email link and attachment with each receipt sent. In addition, your event attendees print their tickets using their own printer, lowering your costs by reducing, if not eliminating, the need for you to pay for expensive thermal tickets. Of course, we offer thermal ticket printing for organizations that prefer to provide printed souvenir tickets, too.

The custom email and branded electronic event ticket, are all part of our commitment to your bottom line. We have plans and pricing that are flexible and we have years of experience in many different industries that have event businesses.

Powerful Social Sharing

We like to call social sharing a "perpetual dynamo", meaning the simple act of one buyer sharing the excitement they feel with the people they know often causes their friends to buy tickets to the same event. Your customers can share their purchases with one-click options automatically enabled for all plans. Just imagine, your patron is so excited about the event and shares it with her friend. That friend just happens to have 5,000 followers on Twitter. Boom!

Because custom email confirmations can include Facebook "Share" buttons along with "Tweet" options for Twitter, your buyers become your newest salespeople. So, what started as a small sale now has the opportunity to perpetuate itself.

Configure the custom email template so that each act of social sharing includes a link to your event and a reference to its name. The performer you booked may be monitoring social media for mentions of their account and, in special circumstances, your buyer's excitement may be re-shared to all of the performers' fans and followers. Amplify the awareness of your event by an order of magnitude without the cost of traditional advertising!