Virtual events

With the changes to events since COVID began, virtual events might be here to stay. Streaming virtual events allows those in the performing arts to keep doing what they love, but while keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Of course, nothing replaces in-person events or face-to-face communication, but today's tools for hybrid events with virtual video integration can keep your organization and patrons together while we await a return to our old normal.

ThunderTix now offers virtual events integration, allowing you to use one of three video options for virtual delivery. Let's look at the options and how they work.

Zoom webinar integration using Zapier

Zoom is the defacto standard today for most webinars. It's easy to use, and provides secure communication to virtually unlimited audiences. It also can be streamed to YouTube or Facebook easily.

For some small venues with very limited viewers, the cost can be rather high, so if you are exploring virtual events with limited audiences, consider using our free integrated video discussed next. For larger audiences, you can expect to pay around $15 or so per month for a base Zoom account, plus a $40 monthly webinar plan.

The webinar add-on is required to host a secure meeting. It is the only option that allows for automated notification and full control by the host. There is virtually no limit to the number of attendees.

Using our Zapier integrations which are offered as a free service, you can connect ThunderTix to your Zoom account. Doing so enables ThunderTix to send all customer information directly to Zoom as purchases are made. Zoom handles the email delivery of links to the upcoming webinar.

Integrate with other video platforms

You may also use any other platforms to either stream or link to your previously-recorded event. When you set up your event, customize the confirmation email receipt to notify attendees that they'll be receiving a link to the virtual event prior to the performance date.  Then, utilize the automated email reminder to schedule the delivery of your streaming content. Schedule the email reminder to be delivered to all paid attendees just X hours (or days) prior to the performance. In the body of the email reminder, include the link to your virtual programming (through YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, etc.). That way, all paid attendees will automatically receive your virtual event link just before show time!

Displaying virtual events

Whatever the choice, we'll ensure there is no confusion over the type of event your customers are purchasing. We display virtual events with a prominent banner, so customers can choose from they hybrid options -- either the traditional in-person performance or virtual delivery online.

Give virtual a try!

With many different options, theatres can also utilize ThunderTix for virtual event integration to communicate with volunteers and keep staff informed. Use "tickets" to send out automated notifications to board members. With time, you'll gain the experience and confidence to host your virtual events to a public audience!

Let us know how we can help you create your hybrid events with virtual video integration. Contact us to learn more.

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