Manage traffic flow for event arrival

COVID-19 has wrought many challenges on the events industry. Even so, ThunderTix helps venues by providing tools to reopen safely. Our tools include (contactless payments, hybrid event support with free video integration, and automated social distancing). Our newest feature uses ingress planning to manage traffic flow in common areas for events. This allows you to admit limited numbers of attendees in timed arrivals to keep both attendees and staff safe by avoiding crowded lobbies or common areas prior to the start of your event.

With ingress planning, you simply create time slots for admittance at periodic times prior to the event. Include safe limits for your common areas. For example, if your small lobby holds 80 people under normal conditions, you may want to limit the attendees to 25% of capacity or a maximum of 20 people. Stagger the available arrival times a given number of minutes prior to the event. If you have concessions, you may want to allot enough time for patrons to obtain food and beverages. Events without concessions can use time slots as low as 5-minute increments with sufficient ushers to help patrons to their seats.

setup screen for creating ingress times for traffic flow control

Manage traffic flow in common areas for events

As customers purchase tickets to events online, we prompt them to select a convenient arrival time. Once a time slot has reached its limit of attendees, the time slot is removed from the arrival options. Entry times are displayed in each event guest list for venue staff.

After purchase and upon arrival, customers await safely wait out-of-doors. Use the guest list or scan customers in as their time slot open for entry. Consequently, it's safe and easy to manage traffic flow in common areas for events with careful ingress planning.

Our tools help you plan for safe reopenings

ThunderTix is committed to your safe reopening with tools that enable everyone to feel safe. For example, our automated social distancing safely creates safe space automatically between different households. Contactless payments enable the safe processing of payments using "tap" credit card terminals and support Apple Pay and Google Pay directly from mobile devices. Finally, we provide support for patrons not yet ready to return to traditional indoor events with hybrid event support including integrated video offered as a free service or as a Zoom integration.