Box Office Management Software

A single platform for online and in-person sales

When you choose ThunderTix, in addition to selling tickets online, your staff can sell tickets to your event at the box office for walk-ups and phone orders. Any computer or tablet with an Internet connection becomes a powerful Point of Sale (POS) device.

Rapidly process orders and assist patrons to their seats as quickly and efficiently as possible. All sales, either at the box office or online, are synced for real-time inventory management.

Unlimited Staff Logins

Create account access for all individual staff members to work from your ThunderTix account. Assign different levels of customized permissions to each staff member. For example, some of your staff need to create and manage events, while others may only be allowed to sell tickets at the box office.

Staff and designated sales agents can process orders on your behalf. All orders processed are connected to each user's account. You can pull reports by any sales agents to see breakdowns on tickets sold and cash collected. Additionally, you may grant some users the ability to apply discounts and give comps along with the corresponding discount reason.

Touch-less Card Readers

Payment processing is more efficient with connected credit card readers at the box office. Don't have a card reader? We integrate card readers and terminals as part of our comprehensive, end-to-end box office management solution.

With your card reader connected to ThunderTix, simply swiping the card will capture the patron name and necessary information to process an order. This increases the data accuracy of your orders as well as boosting box office productivity. Also, your staff can sell tickets without entering any fields at checkout making selling at the box office even faster! Once entered, credit card data is saved, including the card type, and stored for your availability in your ticket sales reports.

Stripe Terminal Verifone P400 offers credit card swiping, inserting for the chip and touchless tap payments

ThunderTix now integrates with the Stripe WisePOS E (previously the Verifone P400) and the Square Terminal for contactless payments at the box office. Instead of handing over their card to be swiped by box office staff, patrons insert their credit card into the chip (EMV) reader for a more secure transaction. Alternatively, patrons can "tap" their card on your terminal or "tap" their mobile phone to use Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Stripe BBPOS bluetooth contactless card reader

Bluetooth Stripe BBPOS  Chipper 2X BT

Furthermore, our iOS App and Android App include integration with both card swipes (using the headphone jack) and Bluetooth contactless card readers for mobile payments. The ThunderTix mobile ticket sales app serves the dual purpose to sell tickets on-site while also checking patrons in by scanning their barcodes at the entrance.

For a full overview of how the ThunderTix app works to scan barcodes and sell tickets on-to-go, take a look at our video tutorial for barcode ticket scanning.

Refunds and Exchanges

ThunderTix offers you the ability to refund, exchange, or void orders. Issue a refund from within your ThunderTix account for a full or partial balance directly back to the customer's card. The previously generated ticket barcodes will be invalidated. In addition, ThunderTix offers a method to easily exchange tickets from one night to another or from one set of seats to another area. Exchanging seats transfers the ticket proceeds to the proper event date for effortless reconciliation.

Better yet, give your patrons the power to exchange their own tickets! When you enable self-exchanges for patrons, a link will be included with each order confirmation receipt that allows the patron to change event dates without ever contacting the box office!

As an alternative to exchanges, tickets can be converted to a gift card or a donation. We'll even track converted ticket donations towards overall donor classifications so that you can easily see your most generous donors at a glance.

Reserving Seats

Reservations are helpful for customers or organizations who need seats but must pay at a later date. Reservations may be used for both general admission and reserved seating events. Collect payment from your patrons at any time leading up to the event or at the box office on the event day. ThunderTix allows you to collect full or partial payments from customers. In addition, modify or cancel reservations at any time if needed.

Event Restricted Access

Offer concentrated control at the event level on a case-by-case basis so that users can only see and manage the events assigned to them. You assign users with Event restricted access and assign them only to the events within your account that apply to them. This is a great option for venues that rent out their space to outside organizations allowing them to see and manage their events, guest, and reports. Event restricted users will pull their own reports saving you time from having to check data and relay it to them.

Save staff time with self-service options for customers

Reduce box office phone and email time with our customer automation tools allowing patrons to exchange their own seats, pay invoices for reservations, or request refunds or cancellations with a click. Features like these are especially important to those organizations managing season subscriptions and packages. With additional options such as automatic cancelation of unpaid reservations, box offices improve efficiency making more time for event marketing, fundraising, and increasing sponsorships.

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