Save box office time with automation

On event night, box office staff might feel under pressure with many tasks like handing out will-call tickets or fielding last-minute requests for cancellation or exchanges. Small improvements in box office processes mean staff can focus on welcoming guests instead of completing repetitive tasks. You'll save box office time with automation by allowing customers to self-perform simple tasks such as paying for reserved tickets, exchanging their own tickets, or requesting refunds.

Our Customer Permission Settings optionally allow your customers to take quick action using included links from their order confirmation emails. We provide four, time-saving options that save customers frustration and staff time in order tasks:

  1. Perform exchanges - Using a provided link, customers may quickly swap seats (and add seats to those orders) for an existing performance, or they can exchange tickets to another date. We'll even allow you to set a time limit on those exchanges.
  2. Electronic refund request - With time limits imposed by you, allow customers to request refunds with a single click.
  3. Invoice for reservations - Each reservation may optionally include a request for payment sent at the time the order is processed. In addition, we'll send periodic reminders of the impending due dates. We'll even automatically process cancellations if patrons fail to act by the due dates you set.
  4. Cancel reservations - Restaurants struggle with diner no-shows, and part of that is simply because it takes time and energy for customers to call. We make it easy for customers to cancel with a single click and automatically free seats up for purchase.
  5. Convert orders to donations - Give your patrons the opportunity to convert their order to a donation, while returning their tickets to inventory. Not only is this great when an event is canceled, but if a patron cannot attend for personal matters, they can optionally donate the order, allowing you to retain the revenue.

Automating tasks is a key component to the ThunderTix platform, and these features are vital to ensuring small staffs operate efficiently. Save box office staff time with automation with ThunderTix. Read more about our automated features like email reminders and post-event emails, gift cards, and email alerts.