Contactless payments for box office safety

With safety at the top of everyone's mind, providing contactless payments for box office safety is a must for reopening. As a result, both patrons and staff feel safer. In addition to reducing chargebacks, contactless payments allow a touchless payment process with mobile devices or chip-enabled credit cards.

How contactless payments work

Verifone-p400-for-contactless-payments-for-box-office-safety Old payment technology requires customers to hand over their credit cards for payment. Therefore, everyone must wipe down credit cards down and use hand sanitizer after use. With contactless payments, customers "tap" their cards for tickets and concessions purchases. Additionally, the new technology supports payments directly from mobile devices with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

New payment technology uses "near field communication". Otherwise known as NFC, the payment standard allows communication from chip-enabled cards or mobile phones and specialized payment terminals. Chip-enabled credit cards are built on EMV technology. (Interestingly, "EMV" does not have a significant meaning today. The EMV name comes from “Europay, Mastercard, and Visa” -- the original creators of the payment standard.)

With our Stripe integration, ThunderTix supports payment terminals that accept payments from chip-enabled “tap” cards or directly from iOS and Android devices. Further, Stripe provides full PCI compliance which obviates the need for you to get mired down in paperwork.

Specialized terminals to prevent chargebacks and add safety


We offer integration with two different credit card terminals. The Verifone P400 provides a Wifi or ethernet connection to our web application for secure credit card processing. In addition, the tiny BBPOS Chipper 2X BT uses Bluetooth technology for mobile kiosks using our ThunderTix iOS App or on the ThunderTix Android App.

The compact BBPOS 2X BT measures under 2.5 inches square -- small enough to fit in a pocket. The lightning-fast Bluetooth connection passes data securely from the payment method directly to Stripe. Simply tap and pay!

Contactless payments for box office safety

With patrons continuing to have heightened concerns as we navigate the effects of the COVID virus, it's important that we do everything we can to keep them safe. Similarly, volunteers and box office and concession staff need the same assurances. Consequently, adopting contactless payments for box office safety shows you care about patrons and staff.

Our commitment to safety through COVID

Tools added during COVID included traffic flow management with ingress planning, automated social distancing, and virtual events for patrons not yet ready to return to traditional indoor events.