Patron Management

ThunderTix's patron management feature provides your cause with the tools needed to reach out to meet your fundraising goals faster. Organizing fundraisers and inspiring others to give is common for non-profits. ThunderTix wants to help organizations earn donations by offering ticketing management software for non-profits.

Quick Checklist

Patron management (CRM) - As event tickets are purchased, patron information is saved in your ThunderTix account. The patron database includes names, postal mailing addresses, emails, and more. Our patron management feature works in conjunction with our online donation feature so you can politely prompt for donations of any amount during the event ticket purchase process.

 Donation reports - Create robust reports of your patrons' orders, donation amounts, and contact information. Reports can be exported and used for personalized follow-up fundraising efforts, mailing lists, and invitations to future events.

When comparing fundraising software, check if the patron management feature tracks all patron data and purchases. ThunderTix patron management creates a database that can be searched, edited, and exported to mailing list software like MailChimp. Unlike other fundraising software, we never use, share, or sell your patron data for our own purposes - they're your patrons, not ours!

Patron Management (CRM)

Customer Database When you make ThunderTix your choice for fundraising software, you inherit our industry-leading expertise in event management. Our technology powers some of the largest events in the country that require managing the contact information for tens of thousands of customers per event.

Whether your fundraising event has paid tickets, or is free but requires an RSVP process, we can help you build and manage a database of patron data that will be the centerpiece of your organization. A few examples of the types of information that will be available to you includes:

  • All donors by date range
  • Donors attending a single event
  • Donors by region
  • All ticket orders with additional donations made
  • Refunds, special requests, and coupons used

Expanded patron information. You may now click on any patron name in your orders listing and view their order history. Included in the information are the number of orders or tickets purchased, any donations made, and the time since the last donation. Plus there is a new patron note field to add important information ("This person is one of our most generous patrons!").

Donation Reports

"Who made a donation? For how much?" Knowing who made a donation to your cause helps you to reach out in the future, or to notify attendees of last year’s fundraising event that they are entitled to special treatment this year. It all starts with generating a report...

Donations report by fundraising campaign

In the database of patron information, you can sort by an order number, patron name or email, payment method, and day of the week. Sorting by date helps a busy staff tasked with multiple events to find the information they need quickly. A popular use of ThunderTix's patron management feature is the ability to sort data by zip code so you can gauge the effectiveness of awareness campaigns and promotions.

Once you have created a donation report, just click the ‘Export’ button and that’s it. Save the data to your local computer hard drive for the purposes of accounting, month-end tallies, or for use with mailing list programs like MailChimp.

ThunderTix Patron Management

We make online donations and managing your patron database easier, so you'll have more time to focus on other tasks in your busy day. ThunderTix patron management feature is available when you sign-up for a new account.