Barcode Ticket Scanning App

Topics Covered:

[0:28] - Scanning using the app
[0:53] - Looking up guests without a ticket
[1:02] - Selling tickets in the app
[1:26] - Processing credit card orders with a connected credit card reader

Barcode Ticket Scanning App Video Transcription:

Today’s ThunderTix tutorial covers how our ThunderTix Barcode Ticket Scanning App helps speed up your check-in and your on-site selling processes. The app allows you to scan barcodes from both paper tickets and electronic tickets displayed directly from a smartphone. You can sell tickets on the go, either in cash or with a credit card with ease.

First, you will need to download the ticket sales app from Apple’s App Store or from Google Play. Go to the Search tab and search for ThunderTix.

Once it has downloaded, tap on it to open and enter your personal login information and tap login to continue. You will be brought to the scanning tab. Here you can tap on any one of your events or you can choose more than one event to scan at the same time. Once you tap on your desired event, tap on your desired showtime and you’re ready to begin scanning instantly. Just point your phone’s camera at the barcode for your guest’s ticket. The app analyzes the unique barcode and checks in your guests automatically and accurately. It quickly determines if the ticket is valid and ensures it hasn’t been previously scanned. If one of your guests arrives without a ticket or with a damaged ticket, you can also tap on this button to search for a guest manually with their last name or their order number.

Now, let's go back and click on the Sell tab. If you tap on any events here and then tap on your desired showtime, you can sell right from your iPhone or iPad! Just hit the plus and minus buttons to add or decrease the quantity of tickets desired and hit continue. It shows the price at the top and you can select cash or credit depending on your guest’s preferred payment method! Select cash for an instant sale or type in your guest’s credit card information into the secure sections and tap confirm.

To process credit card transactions even faster, you can purchase your own iOS credit card reader, that plugs directly into your phone’s headphone jack, from your Thundertix account on the Hardware tab. When you finish processing the order, you will be prompted with these two time-saving options. The Repeat Order option will take you right back here, to the beginning of the selling process for the same event. And the See all dates option takes you back here, to your full event listing to choose a different date or time if needed.

All right, Congratulations. You have successfully learned how to use our mobile, go-anywhere app (for both iOS on the App Store and Android on Google Play) that makes managing your events easier, faster and more efficient -- all from the palm of your hand. Don’t forget that you can also download this app onto your iPad or Android Tablet. And, you can use any combination of iPhones, iPads, Android devices, like Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy, and handheld scanners simultaneously at multiple event entrances since all information is transmitted in real-time to the cloud. Be sure that each staff member using the app has their own login information so that your reports are accurate on both ticket sales and barcode scanning.

If you have any more questions, be sure to take a look at our other tutorial videos and how-to guides. Thanks for watching!

Barcode Scanning App Tutorial Video
Barcode Scanning App Tutorial Video

This is a tutorial video that explains how to utilize the ThunderTix Barcode Ticket Scanning App to sell and scan tickets for your events. The App is available for download for iOS in the App Store and for Android in Google Play.