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As a value-added service to our customers, we rent and sell handheld ticket barcode scanners, the perfect solution to higher gate efficiency and protection against ticket fraud. Our industry-leading expertise with every aspect of barcode tickets includes physical devices like a handheld ticket barcode scanner. Your event can operate at a lower cost and with higher security when you use ThunderTix's software and hardware in combination.

Quick Checklist

 For venues with Internet access - USB scanners are fast and inexpensive but need a laptop computer for a network connection. Wireless scanners connect to the venue computer network directly, no laptop needed. USB and wireless scanners work best at venues with established wifi networks already up and running. Of course your venue can have wall jacks to plug a laptop into, with or without wifi being available.

 For venues without Internet access - We have scanners that use the mobile phone cell towers to connect to the internet. Great for venues that have weak wifi signal strength, or temporary locations with no wifi at all. Popular at big outdoor events and festivals that have many entrances.

 Complete systems - We sell and rent our own scanning devices which we have extensively tested with our software. No matter the size of event, ThunderTix can configure the right combination of software, hardware and ticket stock to meet your needs.

When comparing online ticketing software, ask if the company can provide you with the handheld scanners as well as the expertise of how to use them at your event. Some ticketing software companies claim to have "complete" barcode solutions, but then direct you to third parties for the barcode scanning devices. Handheld barcode scanner are available only to ThunderTix customers - all the more reason to sign up for an account today!

Barcode Scanners At Your Event

USB barcode scanner An example of how handheld barcode scanners can work at your event:

  • When the ticket is presented for admittance to the show, the bar code is scanned to check the validity of the event name, date and time.
  • If the ticket is valid, ThunderTix will return a valid response in a large green box, displaying the buyer’s name and bar code ID.
  • If the ticket is not valid, ThunderTix will return a response in a large red box, stating “Invalid”.
  • If an electronic PDF ticket has been duplicated fraudulently, the second attempt to enter the show with the same barcode ID will return a large red box with a response stating that the barcode is a “Duplicate” so that the appropriate measures can be taken by the venue agent.

A quick way to decide which barcode scanner works best at a venue or event (including yours) is knowing how readily available access to an Internet data connection is...

For Venues With Internet Access

Connected to the USB port of an Internet connected laptop or desktop computer, a USB scanner is an excellent, rapid scanning, and inexpensive barcode scanner providing real-time access to the ThunderTix ticket database. Internet connected scanners are heavy duty units often come equipped with optional pistol grips for added comfort. A little bit slower than USB scanners, their slower speed is more than made up by their mobility. These units are best used for facilities with excellent signal strength, multiple entrances, and heavy use. These scanners cost from $1,500-2,500 each to purchase.

Solutions For Venues No Internet Access

Mobile phone enabled - Currently supported via cellular network, cell-enabled scanners provide scanning capability in areas with limited Internet connectivity but strong cell service. These scanners also offer real-time scanning to your ThunderTix ticket database for multi-entrance use (Note - ThuderTix ticket scanner systems do not include cell-phone range boosters).

Complete Systems

These systems consist of several components: laptop with installed scanning software, handheld scanners, and router. Outdoor facilities with limited connectivity to Internet or cellular networks and multiple gates are best served with these units. With preloaded lists of barcodes, these systems communicate with each other via the base unit to flag duplicate or invalid tickets. To provide real-time fraud scanning, online ticket sales must be closed to the public prior to the start of scanning and your facility must have access to an AC power outlet.

For more information on ticket scanner systems, check out our other guides.


Need to Rent or Buy a Scanner?

We know that barcode scanning is a big subject and that your venue will have its own unique requirements. Sign up or contact us below, we’d love to help you become our newest customer!

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