Post Events To Facebook

Post Events to Facebook

Save time by reducing data entry with the new ThunderTix post events to Facebook feature. Just one part of a suite of event promotion features that will make more people aware of your event - and thus sell more tickets!

Get more done in less time - ThunderTix is continuously adding new event promotion features as part of our on-going effort to increase our customers' ticket sales. We know you are busy running a business and that's why our technology does much of the heavy lifting for you - so you don't have to.

Two great tastes that go great together - The ability to post new events to Facebook is a complementary feature to the ability to sell tickets directly on your Page. The two features function separately, but work best when both are made part of a ThunderTix account.

When comparing online ticketing software, look for the features that reduce the amount of data entry you and your staff must perform. ThunderTix is dedicated to making the task of creating, and promoting events easier. And speaking of event promotion, now that Facebook has started supporting hashtags, there's even more reason for you to start using ThunderTix to sell tickets today!

Post Events To Facebook - How It Works

post events to facebook feature

While creating a new event, you have the option to post it to your Facebook Page with just a few mouse clicks. The ticket prices, dates, times and descriptions are automatically added to the Facebook Event without you having to re-type it all again. Such a substantial reduction in data entry let's you get back to running your business. Other online ticketing software makes you copy and paste the event data inside Facebook - and who has time for that?

The time savings of the post to Facebook feature is representative of other ThunderTix features that reduce data entry. Our integration with Groupon let's you import coupon codes in bulk, and our sales report feature let's you search for results by typing just single letter. All this reduced typing adds up quickly - five minutes here, two minutes there - but only when you make ThunderTix your choice in online ticketing!

Posting events vs. selling tickets on your Facebook Page

Posting events to your Facebook Page is different from our other popular feature that let's you sell tickets on your Facebook Page. You can have both features as part of a ThunderTix account, each functioning uniquely, or you can have just one.

For example, a sightseeing tour may have a dozen different tours departing daily, everyday of the week. The tour operator would use the post an event to Facebook feature during the initial creation of the tour (event awareness) and then rely on the sell tickets on Facebook feature when the impulse to take the tour strikes (revenue generator).

Of course you can use the post to Facebook feature without enabling the sell tickets on Facebook feature, but why not have the one-two, awareness and sales mechanism, available to everyone? Posting an event to Facebook, and selling tickets on your Facebook Page are even more powerful now that Facebook supports hashtags. Think of how wide an audience you can reach when factoring in the amplification of well formulated hashtag - it's like free advertising to 1 billion people! :D

We're Just Getting Warmed Up!

This feature is currently beta tested and is only available to existing ThunderTix customers. And it is just a hint at the new event promotion features we will be offering in the coming months. Remember, social media has recently surpassed TV, radio and print for bringing events to the attention of the public. That's why we're making features like posting events to Facebook a deeply integrated part of our product.

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