Sell Event Tickets through Facebook

Sell event tickets on Facebook

Social networks let us learn what our friends are doing and to share experiences online. When you sell event tickets through Facebook, you reach customers in the social space where they spend a significant amount of time. The New York Times reported that users spend nearly one hour of their waking hours on Facebook!

Nearly 2 billion people use Facebook, and 1 billion actively engage with the service every day. No other service reaches an audience that large. And while Facebook shares stats in daily usage, other social sites report in monthly terms. Instagram boasts 700 million monthly users, Twitter connects with 328 million monthly users, and Snapchat trails with 250 million. In sum, Facebook is a huge market.

Savvy venue owners recognize Facebook holds an edge over traditional advertising (TV, radio, newspaper, etc.). For certain types of event demographics like live music and nightclubs, Facebook's reach is actually larger than all traditional advertising combined. ThunderTix's technology helps venues sell event tickets on Facebook easily.

Facebook Integration with ThunderTix

 Sell event tickets on your Facebook Page. Your Facebook feed lets your followers learn about upcoming events and click on your post to learn more. ThunderTix's integration allows them to purchase tickets for your events right on your own feed. Of course, make sure you also include links back to your website from your posts for fans to see all upcoming events.

 No Inventory Management Required. Managing your ticket inventory from a single point is one of the big time-saving advantages of using ThunderTix. Facebook taps into the ThunderTix API to get up-to-the-minute status on ticket availability ensuring you do not oversell capacity. And once connected, any events added to your ThunderTix account will automatically be available on Facebook. The cross-platform integration also means a reduction in data entry - no more creating events twice!

 More Event Awareness. With Facebook's support for hashtags, the opportunity for event awareness grows. ThunderTix leads the ticketing industry in its understanding of how Facebook hashtags spread the word of your event far beyond your Facebook event page. Using hashtags to to promote events is a powerful method of reaching new audiences.

 Complete Reporting. When you sell event tickets on Facebook, we automatically break down ticket sales by outlet (Facebook, box office, etc.), user and more in our robust reporting.

When comparing event ticketing software, look for genuine Facebook integration and avoid ticketing services that only post links to Facebook. As an authorized Facebook developer, ThunderTix enables ticket sales inside the Facebook platform.

Sell Tickets on your Facebook Page

Once the ThunderTix Facebook app is displayed on your Page, it takes just a single mouse click for a buyer to begin the purchase process - directly inside of Facebook. Our app styling matches the Facebook environment matching your event ticket portal to the Facebook experience and inspiring buying confidence.

Our integration with Facebook uses the same highly secure shopping cart technology that powers all our other ticket purchases, so there is no need to set-up a separate payment gateway for Facebook ticket sales. When you sell event tickets through Facebook, we deposit all revenues nightly into your merchant banking account.

Making the most of every possible sales channel separates ThunderTix from other services when it comes to Facebook integration. More channels, more tickets sold. Also, events are shifting to new mediums for virtual events like Facebook Live. Take a look at our guide to stream a live event on Facebook.

Minimum Requirements: Pages with 2,000 or more followers are able to have the "Buy Tickets" tab added to their page. In addition, the "Buy Tickets" tab appears across all browsers but does not appear on mobile.

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