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Austin Ghost Tours - live virtual walking tour

Case Study: Austin Ghost Tours offers a virtual walking tour

How does an in-person ghost tour make the transition to a virtual event? Will there be a diminishing sense of enjoyment to attendees? In this article, we’ll talk about Jeanine Plummer’s concerns and eventual leap to an online experience. Her virtual walking tour of Austin’s scariest stories takes place through her eponymously named Austin Ghost…
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Traditional Thai Dancers performing outdoors in site-specic theatre

After COVID: attract new audiences with site-specific performance

Eventually, patrons will begin inching back to theatres when the concerns around COVID-19 have diminished. Hopefully, you’ve been live-streaming events or meet-and-greets with the cast to keep audience members engaged. Continue those efforts to keep your theatre front-of-mind with patrons. At the same time, it’s never too early to start planning for those first in-person…
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youtube logo

Sell tickets for YouTube video streaming events

YouTube is the de facto leader in all things video, and along with your ThunderTix integration you have an easy way to sell tickets for YouTube video streaming events. We’re going to start with the most basic YouTube event — webcam streaming — available right from your desktop camera. Webcams are on virtually every desktop…
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Zoom Virtual Events

Sell tickets for live-streamed events with Zoom

Zoom’s amazing growth has been fueled by the ease of use and compatibility across any device. With nothing to download, it’s simple to get started using their video streaming platform. Simply schedule a meeting, send a link, and you’re ready to sell tickets for live-streamed events with Zoom! However, that simplicity also has a downside.…
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Hosting Virtual Events

How to sell tickets for virtual events

With the threats imposed by the coronavirus (COVID-19), many of our clients began hosting online events to fill the void the cancellations wrought. Even without a background in video conferencing, you can learn how to sell tickets for virtual events with our guide to hosting virtual events. Our beginner’s guide to video streaming for live…
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Video streaming for live events

Beginner's guide to video streaming for live events

In the world of live performance, tradition expects performers and fans to come together in a single venue to host exciting events. That view has been upended due to “social distancing” rules from COVID-19 that have resulted in postponed and canceled events. But while in-person performances cannot continue under a single roof, they can be…
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Bringing new life to your venue

Surviving the Coronavirus: 9 ways to keep revenue streams alive

Whatever projections you made regarding revenue, ticket sales or donations in 2020, those projections went out the window with the arrival of the coronavirus. The unprecedented challenges the virus has wrought include a fight for your organization’s survival. Many theatres, music venues, and other event businesses will find themselves shuttered permanently when revenue dries up…
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Batch refund to an event

Handling event cancellations or postponements from coronavirus

Event cancellations, Postponements, and Refunds With the growing concern around the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to address some common questions and concerns we’ve received from our clients regarding the handling of event cancellations and postponements and some approaches to help allay customer fears. What we are doing While most of our venues have been lightly…
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coronavirus safety

How to alleviate coronavirus fears while attending events

The headlines regarding the coronavirus are causing some anxiety for event organizers and their ticket holders. Generally, small gatherings such as those for the performing arts, tours, and music events can be perfectly safe for everyone. In fact, at this time, the World Health Organization has limited its precautions to global mass gatherings. Even so,…
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Theater vs Theatre

The Difference Between Theatre and Theater

Theatre versus Theater. Among our many performing arts clients, the choice of spelling is evenly divided. Let’s look at the history and the precise difference between theatre and theater and the etymology of the words. Much of the performing arts found its way to modern day theater through the Greek tragedies. Fittingly, the name is…
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