Sync your events with Google Calendar

Our engineers are always hard at work to improve our clients and customer's experience when using ThunderTix. Therefore, we are incredibly excited to announce that you can now Sync Events with Google Calendar!

Syncing ThunderTix events to Google Calendars is not only beneficial to patrons but also for employees and event managers. They will now have the benefit of being able to see their schedules as well as upcoming events. No more uploading event information to ThunderTix then transferring it to Google Calendar!

This new feature also serves as an excellent marketing tool. When patrons search for things to do, events in Google Calendar will show up in their search results.

Keep reading to learn more about how to sync your ThunderTix events to your Google Calendar.

How to sync your ThunderTix events to Google Calendar

Take advantage of this new feature by heading to your Account Settings and selecting Integrations & Pixel Tracking from the drop down menu. here will be a new section titled Google Calendar.

Google Calendar section in Pixels and Integration settings with a button prompting a user to sign in with Google.

Click the Sign in with Google button shown in the image above. On the page below you can select your Gmail account that you'd like to sync your events to or you can click 'Use Another Account' to login to another Gmail account.

Choose an account pop up that prompts the user to choose a Google account or sign into a Google account to sync their events with ThunderTix,

Once you have logged in or selected your Gmail account click continue on the following page. When you click the continue button, you will be redirected to the Integrations & Pixel Tracking page on your ThunderTix account settings and you should see the following message at the top:

Pop up at the top of the Integration and Pixels tracking page that states that the user is now logged into Google Calendar.

If needed, you can select the calendar you'd like to sync your events to from the drop down menu. Now all of your events will sync to your Google Calendar! If you have any questions about this new feature, submit a support request and our team will be happy to answer your questions!

Google Calendar synched with ThunderTix events.

What if I add or remove events?

Google Calendar will automatically add/remove events from ThunderTix.

What if I change the name or time of my events?

Google Calendar will reflect changes made to events.