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ticket barcode scanner

Getting Started With Barcoded Ticket Scanning

A long line of people translates into lost opportunities for greater profits. Why? Because people who are “too busy” standing in line don’t buy food and drinks, t-shirts, or souvenirs. So how do you minimize long lines and get people through the door faster without adding more staff? Three words: barcoded ticket scanning You may…
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sell tickets online

Sell Tickets Online & Measuring Success

All too often, when you first start to sell tickets to your event online, the act of measuring success goes neglected or put off until after the event is over. Such an oversight is understandable (events are hard work!) but there are critical measurements to be taken during the entire timeline of a ticket sale. Measuring…
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sell online tickets fast

5 Calendar View Tips To Sell Tickets Fast

The new ThunderTix Calendar View has more than a few tricks up its sleeve to help you sell tickets to your event fast. Here are 5 tips to get you started… 1. Color mnemonics Color mnemonics is just a fancy way of saying “visual learning.” Rather than focus on the written text, we designed color…
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ticket sales tool

Why the word "experience" is a powerful ticket sales tool

The busy venue owner may not be aware of how powerful the word “experience” can be – as it pertains to tickets sales. From the ticket buying public’s point of view, it is an event’s experience that has the most value. This post looks at the use of the word “experience” in conjunction with (and…
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Two politicians behind podiums on a stage

The Politics of Festivals

Music festivals are thought of as ‘The Business of Fun’ but they can also be thought of as ‘The Politics of Dancing’ since the event scope and scale is so large, myriad municipalities need to be involved. This post looks at the politics surrounding events and provides tips on how the festival ticketing software can…
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small venue ticket sales

Tips To Increase Small Venue Ticket Sales

Author Mark Twain once said “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Meaning that competitiveness is not a matter of physical size, but rather a mental attitude. That expression holds true for any small venue and especially so for small live music venues. In this post are…
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mailchimp app

MailChimp Gather - A new tool for venues and events

Have you ever had the need to send a message to all your customers just hours before, or even during, an event? Email lists work well as a one-to-many way of communicating but what if everyone is already at the venue? Not everyone has a modern smartphone that is email capable. MailChimp has a new tool called…
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