Barcode Scanning on an iPhone

Barcode Scanning on an iPhone

How the ThunderTix App Works

Download the App The native iOS app uses the camera already built in to the Apple's phones and tablets as the scanner. On the day of the event, the staff member scanning will open the app, login using their ThunderTix username and password, and like the USB option, choose the event, position the mobile device above the barcode on the ticket and wait for the app to scan it for ThunderTix event validation. Like the regular scanning app, if the customer forgets to bring their ticket to the event, you can use the Lookup feature that allows you to search for the customer by Last Name or Order ID.
The main difference between the traditional barcode scanners and the mobile app lies in the camera. The iOS camera takes a momeiphonent between scans to "focus" the barcode into its viewing area prior to scanning while the USB scanner uses a professional grade, robust laser which scans tickets instantly. With long lines of customers waiting to get in the event, the process of mobile scanning will be slower than with the USB scanners. The mobile app works well indoors and in a well-lit environment. That means if you have an event at night, you may want to consider bringing some type of lamp/lighting outside at the entrance to allow the app to clearly view and scan each barcode. If it's an outdoor event with strong sunlight, we suggest getting a tent or canopy for the scanning stations to shade the tickets because the app will not scan well in a bright, outdoor environment.

Connection Requirements

All types of scanning stations require a reliable Internet connection -- outside of an offline WIFI system. If you anticipate large crowds with large numbers of smart phone users, your Internet or cell connections can be degraded and substantially impact scanning speeds. In these cases, it is vital to set up an private, password-protected WIFI network to ensure that high traffic on the cell phone network doesn't effect your ability to scan.

If you want to know if you are a good candidate for the app, take a look at our Mobile Scanning checklist before you make your decision.