Replicate Events in ThunderTix

Replicate Events

Replicate It and Save Time Creating Events!

Need to create a new event in ThunderTix that is similar to one you've already done in the past? Let's say you have an event where most of the information is identical to a new one you want to create. Our new "Replicate" feature will save time by cloning past event data into a new one. That means event information, PDF images, social sharing links, ticket types, fees, and more are prepared for your new event for exceptionally efficient event cloning.

How It Works

Hover over any event -- upcoming or expired -- and click on the Replicate button. ThunderTix will copy all of the event data from the original event into a new event but allow you to edit any fields that need to be changed prior to event.

In the Replication process, there are a few fields we leave blank to ensure you set up your new event dates properly. First, you will need to enter the new event date (and possibly an expiration). If you have a repeating event -- say a daily or weekly event -- you'll want to set those dates, too. The date and time is a required field, so you will need to ensure you have both prior to clicking Finish.

While you won't see the replicated event image from the original, it will be copied over to your new event automatically upon saving the event. The same process is applied to your PDF ticket image for advertising if one existed on your original event. Simply click "Finish" when you are ready, and your new event dates will be created. Don't worry if you make a mistake, as you'll always have the opportunity to make changes even after the event is created. And, as always, you can completely delete an event and start over as long as no tickets have been sold. So, get started on your new 2015 season and replicate events in ThunderTix today!