Ticketing Exchanges

Ticketing Exchanges

You asked for improved reporting around ticketing exchanges and multiple events, the ability to refund money after tickets have been exchanged, and you suggested that comments from orders be copied over to new exchanged orders. We did them all and more! Read details below:

Refunds Allowed on Exchanged Orders

Yes, Virginia, you may now refund previously exchanged orders. Simply follow the standard process for performing refunds on any order. If an exchange had previously been made to another event, you will see a warning and suggestion to either reduce the total refund available, or to provide a full refund.

Clarity Around Ticketing Exchanges

Order details surrounding exchanges had resulted in confusing totals in the past. We've clarified how exchanges affect an order and sales reporting. Any event now displays the value of all ticketing exchanges -- both incoming and outgoing -- in single event sales reports and multi-event sales reports.

Multi-Event Sales Reports

In addition to adding exchange data, we've broken out collected fees from the total revenue per ticket. Let us know how we can continue to improve this report; We are open to further suggestions.

Coupons for Zero Value

You may now create coupons that have no discounted value. While it seems counter-intuitive, creating coupons can help with tracking activity or users. For example, one of our venues asks their outside sales agents to use a coupon code so they can track orders made by those agents. Another venue provides coupon codes to ensure buyers have the right to access and purchase a given event. If orders arrive without a coupon code attached, venue staff are flagged that an order has missing information. Come up with your own ideas for using zero dollar coupons and share them with us!

Lightning Fast Support Searches

We've amped up the search forum with super fast searching that returns searches by relevance of your key words. This helps you find the answers you need more quickly and with greater focus on your topics of interest.

Order Comments Copied to Exchanged Orders

We now carry over all customer comments to new orders when exchanging new tickets. If you wish to modify those comments, simply edit as desired on the checkout page.