Automated Email Reminders

Automated Email Reminders

Event Reminder Emails

On December 4, 2014, the following feature request was made:

"How about an e-mail reminder that is automatically sent XX days before an event – “Just a reminder about your tickets for tomorrow’s show!” Especially useful for people who make reservations weeks or months in advance."

And that is precisely what we've added! In your Account Settings, under the Notifications tab, you will now see the ability to add automated email reminders to your account. You specify the number of days prior to an event that you want all reminders to be sent and ThunderTix will automatically send the entire customer guest list (where an email address exists) a reminder email.

If your event included a PDF ticket, the ticket will be available for them to download from the email. We will use the same stored email template on file that is currently used for your outdoing email confirmations, so if you've saved your logo and custom colors, the reminder email will have a similar appearance.

The Automated Email Reminder is a monthly add-on service based on the number of emails sent per month. If no emails are sent such as during your off-season or other periods of inactivity, then there is no cost to you. The monthly service will only be billed during months where reminder emails are sent to patrons -- or months when you have events taking place. If you prefer to have the service enabled, but you want to exclude certain events, the email reminder can be disabled on any event in the "Email Options" tab when creating an event or in the "PDF & Email" tab when editing an event. Prices are listed for this add-on in the Notifications tab.