Author: Dawn Green

Illustration of a band performing at a concert venue with a user holding up their phone displaying a ticket

How Mobile Wallets Provide Convenience Ticketing for Live Events

What are mobile wallets? When it comes to live events where the ease of access and seamless experiences can significantly enhance customer satisfaction, convenience is king. A ThunderTix, we’ve adopted this mantra in a variety of ways starting with mobile friendly display, ensured that ticket purchases are very easy and adopted mobile wallets — Apple…
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Illustration showing various venue types such as concerts, performing arts, magic shows, and dinner theaters.

How to Maximize Ticket Revenue in 2024: Strategies for Live Entertainment Venues

9 actionable methods to increase ticket revenue The close of one year allows us to reflect on our performance while eagerly anticipating new processes to implement in the upcoming new year especially on how to maximize ticket revenue. From live entertainment venues, be it music halls, magic shows, cabaret dinner theaters, or performing arts centers,…
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stage with thank you for financial support for performing arts theater

Encore of Gratitude: 15 Ways to Elevate Donor Appreciation in the Arts

What are the best and most creative ways to show donor appreciation? Recognizing and thanking donors is crucial for maintaining strong relationships and encouraging continued support. When you publicly express your gratitude, you provide increased visibility for your organization and a feel-good moment for your individual donors. Further, these public displays of thanks inspire others…
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Navigating the Grant Landscape: A Guide for Performing Arts Organizations and Non-Profits

Securing funding through grants is a crucial aspect of sustaining and growing performing arts organizations and non-profits. As the grant landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for these entities to be well-versed in the art of grant writing. In this blog post, we will explore general best practices, pitfalls to avoid, recommended writing styles, and…
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Increase season subscriptions with a bundled discount

7 ways to increase season subscription sales

Creating multiple subscription types, discounts, and offers allows patrons to find a package that is tailored just for them. Increase season subscription sales this season!

How to manage Covid cancelations - despairing actor in front of dressing room mirror

How to manage Covid cancelations

The set awaits, performers are ready, and the box office schedule ensures everyone is ready to greet attendees. Then you get the news — your lead has Covid. As theatres continue towards recovery from the pandemic and contend with lower attendance, preventing cancelation is critical. When Covid cancelations strike, it causes disappointment with patrons, adds…
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how to attract new audiences post pandemic

How to attract new audiences (post - pandemic)

Covid seems a distant memory — almost. While we’ve learned how to navigate around this new virus with vaccines, masks, and care, a glance at the empty seats during recent performances proves that the effects are lingering. In fact, the New York Times reports that attendance across North America has fallen by 40-60%. Season subscribers…
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animation of ThunderTix reserved seat with seats showing automated blocking of surrounding seats are selected for purchase

Social distancing for theatre seating

Help patrons feel safe to return The performing arts attracts a decidedly mature audience. In fact, the Monterey Symphony reports the average audience member is 71, and 55 is the magic number for classical music fans. While 41 is the average age for broadway performances, community theatres worldwide generally skew a bit older. This is…
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Charlie Chaplin looking out of a window...lonely from close event businesses

A survival guide for event businesses

There is no handbook on how we — as owners, directors, box office managers and staff for event businesses — should operate in a world where the very essence of what we do, that is, bringing people together, has been banned throughout the world. These circumstances have imposed on all of us a true fight…
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