Event Design Improved

Valentines Update

Love...err...Change is in the Air! Creating Events is a little different...but it's better!

The next time you go to create a new event, or replicate an existing event, you may notice that the "look" may be a little different than you've grown accustomed to. We've improved the design! The options for building your next event are mostly (if not all) the same. We've just moved things around a little bit in an effort to make the process of creating events even easier than before. Replicating events will still bring over all of your previous event information, so keep using the "Replicate" link to save time.

Efficiency with Select Or Deselect All

When processing exchanges, note that there is a new option to "Select All" tickets in the order to be exchanged. This is especially helpful for orders with several assigned seats in a single order. Now, instead of having to individually click each ticket included in the order one at a time, you can now Select or Deselect All tickets in the order at once.

Happy Valentine's Day from our team to yours!

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