Season Packages for Reserved Seating Events

Reserved Seating Season Package

Reserved Seating Season Packages!

Subscribers purchase reserved seating packages but I have to enter each event separately to insure the same seats are reserved at each event and email [ticket] purchaser. It would be great if we had the option to pick multiple events and select seating options and it automatically assigned seating.
Francine R.

The long awaited day has finally arrived for organizations that manage reserved seating events AND offer season subscriptions! You no longer have to go through the tedious process of placing patrons in the same seats one order and one event at a time to create a subscription!! Take a deep sigh of relief...this season, create either a Defined or Open Package from the Packages tab and choose your seating chart. We'll intuitively show you a list of all your upcoming events that are already created that use that same chart from which to include in the package.

This first release is in Beta as you'll see when you login to take a look. We're releasing it early in the year to give you all plenty of time to test out creating a package and trying out the functionality of it. Like any of your reserved seating events, you can "Manage Prices by Section" to set some sections as different subscriber prices than others. Once the package is created and prices are set, you can "Sell" the package by choosing one or more seats from the seating chart and completing the order with the patron's name. This will automatically put your patrons in the selected seats for each of the events included in your package and send an email with all tickets for the entire season.

As always, if you have any questions regarding these updates please visit our support forum or take a look at our how-to guides.

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