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laptop with hands over keyboard holding a credit card to indicate secure event ticketing online

Secure Event Ticketing - PSD2: SCA Requirement by EU

How does ThunderTix provide secure event ticketing? For secure event ticketing, we recommend our users switch their payment gateway to Stripe or Square instead of others like  Let’s discuss the reason for our recommendation. PSD2: SCA Requirement Imposed by the EU The European Union (EU) has continued to set rigorous standards to ensure the…
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You cannot leave a single seat empty

Prevent Empty Single Seats

Every once in a while, a patron might prefer a little elbow room by leaving an empty seat between them and the next person.  Empty single seats in the middle of a row can cause challenges especially during sellout dates as it can be difficult to sell individual seats by themselves. We have a new algorithm…
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Upcoming Event Monitor Display

Event Display for a Monitor

We have a new event display monitor for a TV, or flat-screen, that’s particularly useful for tours with lots of tour dates and times. The monitor display is designed for those of you with multiple events running at one time. Customers sometimes mill around the lobby area deciding whether or not they should buy a…
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Create a Reserved Seating Season Package

Sell a Reserved Seating Season Pass

Like our general admission package option, your reserved seating events may be bundled together to allow the selection of a seat for the entire season of shows in a single purchase. This time-saving feature has garnered enthusiastic feedback from our clients who may have previously placed separated orders for each show! “This option is wonderful…
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Event Summary Information

Improvements to Packages for Bundled Events

Replicate Packages Now that event packages are available for both reserved seating events and general admission events, we figured you needed an easier way to create variations of repeat packages. Use the new Replicate button with both Open and Defined Packages to create new packages using data from previously created packages. Customize Donation Message in…
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barcode ticket scanner app

Dynamic Ticket Pricing and Higher Profits

Dynamic Pricing Scheduler Reward early ticket buyers with lower prices, then raise prices systematically as your event date approaches. Dynamic ticket pricing provides two benefits: early buyers provide revenue early to help in advertising and promotions allowing you to operate at a higher profit earlier. Second, you set it and forget it. Just enter the…
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Analytics Dashboard

Event Analytics Dashboard For the last several months we’ve been accumulating data on event sales, tickets, products and donations. In addition, we have been tracking abandoned orders, email deliveries and more in order to put together an interactive event dashboard. You can see the event analytics dashboard by logging in to your ThunderTix account and…
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Group Discount Requirements

Automated Group Discounts

ThunderTix Updates Group Discounts – Applied Automatically Do you offer group discounts…say for groups of ten or more? Next time you go to create a new coupon, check out our new automatic group event discounts. Create your own group event discount that will automatically apply a discount at checkout when the minimum number of online…
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fast ticketing software

Blazing Fast Speeds!

We’ve upgraded our software…and it’s made a difference! Winter is always a time for upgrades and improvements to the foundation of our code, and this year was no exception. We’ve spent the last few months preparing for two major upgrades. The first was a recently updated database which provided a significant improvement to our speeds…
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Valentines Update

Event Design Improved

Love…err…Change is in the Air! Creating Events is a little different…but it’s better! The next time you go to create a new event, or replicate an existing event, you may notice that the “look” may be a little different than you’ve grown accustomed to. We’ve improved the design! The options for building your next event…
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