Prevent Empty Single Seats

You cannot leave a single seat empty

Every once in a while, a patron might prefer a little elbow room by leaving an empty seat between them and the next person.  Empty single seats in the middle of a row can cause challenges especially during sellout dates as it can be difficult to sell individual seats by themselves.

We have a new algorithm in place (Thanks Dolly!) for reserved seating events that will prevent a ticket buyer from choosing seats that leaves an empty seat between their selection and the next sold seat. The single seat algorithm will allow a seat to be left empty if it's at the end of a row or in an aisle.

This reserved seating feature will only apply to ticket buyers that are selecting seats from the public side and will not activate for administrators logged into ThunderTix from the administrative portal, allowing staff to choose any seats for any reason.

Enable the Single Seat Algorithm and Prevent Empty Single Seats

Since this is a new feature that hadn't existed in the past, you may already have reserved seating events on sale with empty single seats. While those seats cannot be altered automatically, the algorithm can still be activated for your existing shows and future purchases.

Account Seating Charts If you are interested in having this option enabled for your venue, just go to your Seating Charts tab in the Accounts drop-down as seen to the left, edit any seating chart and enable the algorithm by checking the option to "Prevent a single seat from being empty". This option is available per seating chart, so you have the choice to turn it on for some seating charts but not for others.

Now, let's get some butts in those seats!