Secure Event Ticketing – PSD2: SCA Requirement by EU

laptop with hands over keyboard holding a credit card to indicate secure event ticketing online

How does ThunderTix provide secure event ticketing?

For secure event ticketing, we recommend our users switch their payment gateway to Stripe or Square instead of others like  Let's discuss the reason for our recommendation.

PSD2: SCA Requirement Imposed by the EU

The European Union (EU) has continued to set rigorous standards to ensure the privacy and security of customer data as a part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2). ThunderTix provides secure event ticketing compliance for the newest of these regulations which went into effect on September 14, 2019.

How does it work?

For background, allow us to explain the concept of authentication. Known as multi-factor authentication, or “two-factor authentication”, the process requires two or more steps to allow full account access. The first might be your user name and password. The second piece of information is known only to an authorized user. Both steps are required to perform an action over the Internet.

When purchasing tickets online, your customers can enter their multi-factor authentication to prove they authorize the purchase. This type of secure event ticketing gives you and your customers greater security.

Common Uses

Many of you may already be using this type of authentication when logging into your banking or accounting portal or another site where data integrity and security is heightened. For example, you might be permitted to log into an account, but to reach full account access, you will be required to check your email or the mobile phone associated with your account to view a validation code. You will then enter this validation code into the site to continue access to your account.

What is the PSD2 SCA?

The EU’s new standard is a type of multi-factor authentication called “Strong Customer Authentication” (SCA) and attempts to ensure that an online purchase is being transacted by the authorized user of a credit card. Similar to the process described above, your customers from the EU will be required to enter a security code in order to complete a purchase.

Unfortunately, many payment gateways are not set up to enforce SCA. This means that your EU customers may be unable to complete purchases, and their orders will be declined or abandoned. So for the lowest abandonment rates while adhering to more rigorous standards for secure event ticketing, you need to adopt a gateway that supports the newest protocols.

How can I prepare for this change and offer secure event ticketing?

Fortunately, Stripe is fully prepared to process all transactions including those originating from the EU. We strongly recommend that you consider Stripe as your gateway.

In addition to being at the forefront of technology especially related to security, there are many other benefits to using Stripe.

Benefits of Stripe Gateway

  • No setup fees or monthly fees of any kind
  • A stellar rate of 2.2% per transaction for non-profits! That even includes American Express!
  • 2.9% for for-profit entities
  • No long-term contracts
  • Streamlined process to handle disputes
  • Clear and Transparent rates 100% of the time
  • Credit card processing fees returned from refunds
  • ThunderTix & Stripe Connect allows us to easily research any transaction

Another important benefit is the ability to retain customer data including credit cards on the Stripe platform. That means ThunderTix process recurring billing transactions for both secure event ticketing or secure monthly donations automatically on your behalf. It will also allow you to take advantage of our planned development for Customer Accounts that allows you or your customer to easily process future transactions without reentering a credit card.

Why Stripe or Square?

In our nearly 15 years of operation, ThunderTix has worked with many gateways without preference. However, the technology and commitment by Stripe and Square to provide secure event ticketing are so superior to other gateways, that we strongly believe that it is the best choice for our clients.

Getting started with secure event ticketing...

Please apply for Stripe today, so your EU customers may securely make purchases via ThunderTix. If you have any questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

If you're already using Stripe to accept payments, there is nothing further you need to do to prepare for the new SCA requirement.  To take advantage of secure event ticketing in the European Union, North America, or Australia and New Zealand, get started with ThunderTix today!