Improvements to Packages for Bundled Events

Event Summary Information

Replicate Packages

Now that event packages are available for both reserved seating events and general admission events, we figured you needed an easier way to create variations of repeat packages. Use the new Replicate button with both Open and Defined Packages to create new packages using data from previously created packages.

Customize Donation Message in Event Packages

Customize your request for additional donations for packages. When patrons are in the process of purchasing a package, they'll now see your custom donation request. This request is customizable per package created.

Package Search from Orders tab

You can now search for orders within a specified date range from the Orders tab by entering the Package Name in the new field under Event Name. Packages names will start to auto-fill as you type to choose from the correct desired package.

Other Event Improvements...

Expanded Event Summary Info -- "i"

Clicking on the little gray "i" next to each event in your Events tab now provides a greater overview of the health of the event with the break-out of donations, products, fees and shipping from the ticket revenue.

Disable Required Billing Fields

For organizations that hold free events, you may not want to require that event-goers be required to enter their full billing address in order to checkout and reserve a ticket. There is a new account-wide setting in the Checkout tab that allows you to "hide" the billing fields for all events making a quick and easy checkout process. CONSIDERATION: If your events are not free, disabling the billing fields could cause an increase in the credit card processing fees from your merchant provider for not doing an Address verification (AVS) check.

If you have any questions, be sure to visit our support forum and take a look at our how-to guides.