Dynamic Ticket Pricing and Higher Profits

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Dynamic Pricing Scheduler

Reward early ticket buyers with lower prices, then raise prices systematically as your event date approaches. Dynamic ticket pricing provides two benefits: early buyers provide revenue early to help in advertising and promotions allowing you to operate at a higher profit earlier. Second, you set it and forget it. Just enter the dates you'd like prices to change and the new price, and we'll take care of the rest. As your event approaches, we'll increase pricing over time right up until event day where late-comers will pay a higher rate.

How Dynamic Ticket Pricing Works

When creating any individual ticket (Adult, VIP, etc), you have the option to set expiration and activation of ticket prices. You can stagger prices over time to reflect a new price increase. For example, a common increase is a day-of-sale price. You'll expire your regularly priced ticket on the day before your event, and the new price will automatically replace the old.

Give it a Try

If you haven't yet tried the dynamic ticket pricing, give it a try to see how it affects ticket sales. If you find that sales increase early providing you with more revenue early, then play with the amount of increase and the days of ticket price changes to see the best fit. Even better, every event can be handled differently. If you've confirmed a hot show, put it on sale early and check demand. If tickets are selling quickly, up the price a bit until you hit on the perfect balance.

Happy Selling!

Exchanges Allowed for Most Orders

We previously had been unable to allow exchanges on orders with coupons or where discounts had been applied. This was due to the difficulty of tracking revenue to a given performance date for reporting purposes. We are happy to report that these issues have been addressed, and you may now exchange orders to your heart's content!

Android Barcode Scanner Available!

Our Android app for scanning barcoded tickets directly from a phone screen or from paper is now ready for download on the Google Play store! We appreciate the patience everyone has shown in waiting for its availability.

NOTE: some inexpensive Android tablets appeared to have poorly made cameras that had difficulty reading barcode. Please ensure to test devices in-store, if possible, prior to purchase.

Donor and Donation Search

Searches for customers who have donated on one of your campaigns is now available! Previously, customer records showed only donations made at the same time as event purchase, and now both options are searchable.

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