Sell a Reserved Seating Season Pass

Create a Reserved Seating Season Package

Like our general admission package option, your reserved seating events may be bundled together to allow the selection of a seat for the entire season of shows in a single purchase. This time-saving feature has garnered enthusiastic feedback from our clients who may have previously placed separated orders for each show!

"This option is wonderful and will definitely save time!"

Paytone D, Verde Valley Sinfonietta

As you gear up for the fall season, consider packaging your events together to sell reserved seating season pass. Defined date packages allow you to create packages for selected dates and label them, for example, “Opening Night” or “Saturday Matinee Series”. Open packages allow customers to select any date for each of your upcoming events then select their available seat.

Any reserved seat purchased via packages will be unavailable for all dates in the package. This ensures that when you open your shows for general sale, you will not oversell. As with individual purchases, any packaged ticket can be seamlessly exchanged to another date.

To get started, build out your entire season. Then click Packages and decide which package type -- open or defined -- to use. For our experienced users, you’ll see some new options. You may now customize your email salutation and close and have the ability to customize your donation requests during package purchases. We also added shipping options, allowing, for example, guests to select from either “will call” or “mail at home” tickets.

Another new attribute -- the addition of an expiration date -- removes the package from both the public and logged in views at the selected date and time. You may use the activation/inactivation option to provide your users the ability to sell packages but withhold the option from the public. Either is a great option to prevent the public from purchasing until you are ready to release it for public sale.

Consider selling a reserved seating season pass today!