5 Ideas to Raise Revenue for Daily Tours

Boost TripAdvisor Reviews!

Running a business is hard, and it can be difficult for owners to find the time to implement new ways to raise revenue for daily tours. Here are 5 quick ideas to help bring in more visitors, raise visibility and raise profits.

  1. Send customers home with coupons for their next visit
    Office supply stores sell inexpensive perforated business card stock suitable for most printers. Start by creating a coupon in ThunderTix. You can create BOGOs, coupons specific to certain events, days, dates or tickets and much more. Then open MS Word or Google docs and create a table that matches your card stock. Insert your logo, information about your promotional offer and the coupon code itself. Don't forget to include an expiration if that is important to you. On your next tour, hand out one per customer. Make sure you monitor your coupon reports to see how effective they are in motivating repeat sales.
  2. Higher Trip Advisor ratings bring in more guests!
    Before separating out your coupon promotions, flip the card stock over and prepare to print on the reverse side. Create a new document with another matching table. Add the Trip Advisor logo and a URL to your business, and ask your customers to rate your event. Don't be afraid of negative reviews -- we all get them! These are opportunities to correct problem areas and give you the chance to make it right with your customers. Most of all, you'll learn what your customers love about your event and how to make it even greater. You can do the same with Yelp, Expedia and Facebook.
  3. Send them home with souvenirs!
    Use our Products module to sell guide books, t-shirts and other souvenirs in advance of the event. When a customer purchases a product with tickets, the products purchased will appear in your guest list. On the day of the event, you can have all advanced products purchased already pulled and ready at the check-in station to give to your customers upon arrival. This will help you prepare your inventory for event day and add a little profit to your pocket.
  4. Boost ticket prices for same-day sales
    Conversely, lower ticket prices a week or two in advance of sales to motivate customers to buy early (and provide you with revenue earlier). ThunderTix allows you to set the number of days in advance of any event date that you would like to set prices higher or lower. Even better, an event that is long running can be set with ticket price changes in a single click for the entire series of dates.
  5. Improve by surveying your customers.
    Use our survey option to automatically send an email to each customer after the event. Not only can you ask quick questions, i.e. "What did you like most about your guide?") that help you improve the experience, but you can ask for reviews on Trip Advisor and Yelp. Find the Post Event Surveys option under Account, Account Settings in the Notifications tab. Under Surveys in the main menu, you'll even find a default survey ready for your edits.

If you have other ideas to raise revenue for daily tours, please share them with us, so we can continue to pass them on. In the meantime, happy selling!

Be sure to contact us and visit the support forum if you have any questions.