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WildCard Search by Last Name

Coupon Categories

October 2, 2015 4:30am Coupon Categories – By Customer Request We would like a way to organize our coupon codes. When you have multiple pages of coupons they can be hard to find. It would be nice to group them in categories that we can make ourselves. The new coupon category feature allows you to…
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credit card fraud

New Credit Card Fraud Rules

New Credit Card Fraud Rules and How it Affects You In October, new rules will shift the financial liability for fraudulent credit card transactions from the banks to the merchants unless merchants use the new EMV chip card readers for “card present” transactions. We wanted to shed some light on how this affects our clients.…
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New Security Option: reCAPTCHA

Prevent Fraud with New Security Option: reCAPTCHA Recently, we sent out this newsletter, explaining patterns in credit card fraud. One of the ways to mitigate against fraud involves the use of a “captcha” which requires purchasers to prove they are human — not robots. ThunderTix has now made it possible to require a captcha during…
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Credit Card Security

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

In news accounts over the last year, we have all learned about security breaches leaking credit card data for millions of consumers. What we don’t usually hear about is what happens to those credit cards once they are stolen, so we wanted to provide a synopsis of what happens once your credit card data is…
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Customizable Coupon Text

Customizable Coupon Text Now Available! Recently, a customer made the following request: “It would be much better for us to be able to type our own language into the coupon box. If it were available, I would type into the box “Member Discount Code” (appearing in that magic gray vanishing text) and that would clarify…
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Faster and Easier Ticket Printing

Faster and easier ticket printing now available! ThunderTix has just introduced a new feature that allows our customers to experience faster and easier ticket printing. In the past, you would launch the PDF and then click print. Now, you can simply click on the printer icon located in the top right from the order. It…
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Coupons Limited by Day of the Week

Coupon Codes Limited to the Event Day of the Week In the past, a coupon was designated to a specific event with recurring dates and times. But, there was no way to prevent a ticket buyer from using the coupon on the most popular days. Now, you can create your own coupon code or import…
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New Searchable Fields in Customers Tab

Another Feature Request completed! The request had said the following: When searching for a customer, allow me to search by phone number or company name. Please include customer phone numbers as search key fields so that we can find someone when all we have is their phone number from caller ID. The customer search tool…
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Check-in from the Guest List

For all ThunderTix plans, we now offer a barcode scanning alternative with our new feature that allows you to check-in from the guest list. How to Check-in from the Guest List: Login to ThunderTix on your phone, tablet or computer. Click on the Manage button next to your desired event. From this page, click the…
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Private Ticket Types

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You requested the ability to create private ticket types, so that you could create special pricing for logged in users. When creating a new event or editing an existing one, you may update any associated tickets with a new “private” setting. These tickets will not appear to the general public, but your staff may select…
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