Faster is Better for Coupons and Downloaded Reports

Clear Downloaded Event Reports

Clear All Downloaded Event Reports

I download two event reports for each show. I end up with a lot of downloads in the Downloads list. To clear the list, I must carefully click the X next to the report, then click OK. A simple “Clear all downloads” button would be extremely helpful.
Ken G.

And that is just what we've done! Down to the name of the button: Clear All Downloads! We have now given primary administrators for each account the ability to clear all previously downloaded event reports from the Downloads tab found under Reports. Here's to keeping it neat and tidy!

Replicate Coupons

It would be very helpful if you could add a “replicate” feature when creating coupons, the same as you have for events. It would simplify the process.
Joanne B.

Replicate CouponsFrom the Coupons tab, when you hover over a coupon, you now have the option to "Replicate" past coupon codes to save you time. You'll have the option to either replicate everything -- including the events the coupons are valid for -- setting only a new coupon code.

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