Sell Products With Tickets


Have Merchandise or Concessions to Sell?

But wait there's more, sell products with ticketsRaise even more revenue with product sales in your ThunderTix account. Offer products like souvenirs, t-shirts, or program guides. Once you've got your products listed, sales begin instantly and happen at the same time as your customers buy tickets.

Set-up takes minutes and you control all aspects of your product listing. That means you set prices and provide options for items like t-shirts where size and color choices are especially important. Once enabled, your event T-shirt, printed tour guide program, or souvenir music festival drink koozies will be presented right along with your tickets.

Once you have added an item and activated it, all purchases are tracked inside your account. You choose which events to make your products available for. You may sell all products at all events, or match appropriate products to specific events.

Concessions Sales

You can even operate a concession stand for beverages and snacks. Once you add your concession product, you can connect a credit card reader to process payments quickly at intermission. We'll automatically track all concessions sold with a breakdown by product and revenue per product.

Create products using the products module

After selling products with tickets, you are shown the associated order ID, the customer's name, the price paid, quantity, and the total sales amount (items, tickets, etc.).

View products order history

Sell products with tickets with ThunderTix product module

Products can be easily turned on and off. Did you just get a new shipment of beautiful color catalogs in, but tour tickets are already on sale? No problem. Activate the catalog item using the Products feature and it is instantly presented to all your buyers. Conversely, did you just run out of catalogs? That's okay, too. Just turn that product off temporarily until the next batch arrives.

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