Google Analytics

ThunderTix + Google Analytics

Keen Insight Into Customer Behavior

Integrating Google Analytics into your ThunderTix account will provide keen insight into customer behavior, their purchasing habits, and reveal ways to improve the purchase process.

Track Referrers - Know which of your B2B partner & advertiser websites sent you ticket buyers.

Ticket Sale Goal Conversions - The primary function of Google Analytics can now be used for your ticket sale goals.

Optimized Purchase Process - Learn how your buyers proceed through the purchase process, make refinements as needed to improve ticket sales.

When a Google Analytics account is connected to a ThunderTix account, the larger vision of ticket buyer behavior can be quantified and added to the standard sales data.

ThunderTix + Google Analytics = Keen Insight

ThunderTix already provides robust reporting features about ticket sales. The reports are possible because ThunderTix technology powers the purchase process – once it has been completed. But what about outside the realm of the purchase process? What path do buyers take to eventually arrive on the ThunderTix cart? Since these activities are outside the control of ThunderTix’s technology, the power of Google Analytics has been added.

Track Referrers

Tracking referrers lets you see which websites (and pages in those domains) are referring ticket buyers to your site, how many buyers they’re referring, which of your webpages are the most popular referral destinations, and the extent to which those referred buyers interact with your website.

If you’re trying to build a stream of would-be customers from referrals (like websites that list your upcoming events), you want to know which websites are successful sources of new business. For example, if your venue is listed on a ‘What To Do Tonight’ section of a popular website, you want to see whether being listed there is driving new customers to your site – and if they are buying tickets.

Pairing Google Analytics data with ThunderTix sales data will shed new light on just how well your advertising is doing. If 10,000 people arrived from the  ’What To Do Tonight’ website, and 213 ended up buying tickets, you know the per person value of the referrer.

Ticket Sale Goal Conversions

Goal conversions are the bread and butter of Google Analytics. And when combined with the events created with a ThunderTix account, you can have a clear understanding of which of your events are selling as expected and which need additional promotion or advertising.

Ticket sales Goals in GA make extensive use of the ThunderTix webpage addressees or URLs. With Goals built for each ThunderTix event, every time a consumer initiates the ticket purchase process Google Analytics will record their actions. Should each step in the purchase process be completed, that is a ticket sale goal conversion. But even if the process was not completed, that is valuable data too (see below). Your Google Analytics account tracks each recorded goal conversion and if you have assigned a monetary value to each goal conversion, Google Analytics will total up the dollar amounts in what it calls “goal values.”

Optimize the Purchase Process for More Sales

By observing the various paths your customers take across your website, you can make note of where the purchase process succeeded and where it broke down - the dreaded cart abandonment. This is the function of the Google Analytics Goal Flow report that is built with data from a ThunderTix account.

The Goal Flow Report visualizes the path your website visitors traveled through a funnel towards a Goal. This report can help you see if visitors are navigating through your website as you expect them to – ultimately leading to a ticket sale.

The final node you see in a Goal Flow report represents the goal, and the other nodes represent funnel steps. Visitors that travel through the funnel and exit at the goal have completed your objective or converted.

Use ThunderTix integration with Google Analytics to investigate questions like:

  • Where do new visitors enter my website – at the first step, or are they jumping in somewhere in the middle?
  • Are there a lot of unexpected exits (cart abandonment) from a step in the middle of the funnel?
  • Is there one type of ticket buyer that acts differently than others? Which types of events are converting ticket sales goals more or less often?

After reviewing a Google Analytics Goal Flow report, should you notice a pronounced amount of cart abandonment, that is an opportunity to improve the end-to-end ticket purchase process - a task performed inside a ThunderTix account.

Start Using ThunderTix + Google Analytics Today!

Google Analytics integration is included with all ThunderTix ticketing plans as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible ticketing software to our customers.