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best ticketing software

Creating the Best Ticketing Software

Help us create the best ticketing software! As venue owners, managers and staff, you know what is best for your businesses, and it is that knowledge that we rely on to build software that meets your needs. Today, we are launching our Feature Request panel and we encourage you to post your ideas and suggestions…
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Event Email Alerts

New Event Email Alerts Want to know when an event sells out? Are you interested in being alerted when your event’s ticket inventory dips below the threshold you set when you created the event? Set which email addresses you want to receive these real-time alerts from your Account Settings tab under “Notifications”. If you have…
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Responsive Mobile Menus

New Mobile Menu Many of you use ThunderTix from your smart phone or tablet, and we’ve had some requests for increased usage of the system while on-the-go. Now, after you log in, there are 2 new sets of navigational menus designed for mobile use. First, the main nav menu (that is currently in the black…
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Connect Your MailChimp Email Lists

Send Emails to Existing MailChimp Email Lists Currently using MailChimp for your email marketing efforts? We’ve just made it easier to add existing ThunderTix customers to your MailChimp lists. One exciting new feature takes ticket buyers who complete an order and opt-in to your mailing list to automatically transmit their first and last name along…
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Punch Card Flex Pass

Expanded Punch Card Flex Pass The Punch Card now offers an additional option: limit the number of redemptions for any punch pass. Now, you may create a “Pick Any 5” season package where a patron can choose any five shows from your seven show season. Once the five redemptions have been made, no additional redemptions…
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event coupons

Event Coupons -- Round 2!

HAPPY LABOR DAY!! BOGO Offers Create a coupon for common BOGO offers like Buy One, Get One Free or Buy 3, Get One Free. For Buy One, Get One Free: create a new Create Your Own Coupon that requires 2 tickets be in the customer’s cart and with the use of a unique coupon code…
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Default Event Settings

Venue Inactivation Message We are working towards the creation of default “venue and event settings” which will pre-populate each new event you create with event defaults — without having to “copy and paste” the data into each new event. This week’s new setting is an inactivation message that will display when your event goes off…
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Assigned Seating Chart Improvements

New Look for Assigned Seat Select We’ve updated the look of our assigned seating — select-a-seat — view for both public and private users. The new reserved seating display is more visually pleasing and responsive for all devices. The new appearance has been cross browser testing across all devices (phone, iPad, laptop). A preview of…
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Customer Relationship Manager - Phase 2

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Software Add Customers without an Email Address! We’ve heard your requests loud and clear!! As a logged in user, during the order process, a new customer record can now be created with only the customer’s first and last names. This ensures that your patrons — who either do not have an…
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Event Ticket Fees based on Ticket Price

Event Ticket Fees by Percentage Now, you may charge a service fee as a percentage of each ticket type or as a percentage of the entire order. If applied per order, the fee will be calculated as a percentage of the entire order including any products selected during the checkout process. If the fee is…
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