Coupons Limited by Day of the Week

Coupons Limited by Day of the Week

Coupon Codes Limited to the Event Day of the Week

In the past, a coupon was designated to a specific event with recurring dates and times. But, there was no way to prevent a ticket buyer from using the coupon on the most popular days. Now, you can create your own coupon code or import a spreadsheet of coupons limited by day of the week. Simply choose which days of the week you want the coupon to be valid for when you create the new code. So, set the coupon to only be valid on your slowest selling days, like Monday-Wednesday.

Days of the week coupon

"Select all Shows" Checkbox for Creating Coupons

For those of you that have more than a handful of events, it can take extra and unnecessary time to check each and every event one at a time when creating a coupon. Now there is a checkbox to select all and deselect all events at once.

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