New Searchable Fields in Customers Tab

New Searchable Fields in Customers Tab

Another Feature Request completed! The request had said the following:

When searching for a customer, allow me to search by phone number or company name. Please include customer phone numbers as search key fields so that we can find someone when all we have is their phone number from caller ID.

The customer search tool is extremely useful for numerous reasons. This feature can help you with analytics (for example, you can discover how many people from a certain zip code ordered tickets). This feature will also allow you to search for specific people.

With this new update, you can now search by the last four digits of a customers phone number to easily pull up their customer record from the Customers tab.

When you go to the Customers tab, choose "Phone Number" to look someone up using their Caller ID.

Search customer by phone number

And, when you search by "Customer Record", you can now search by Company name to retrieve all records from a specified company.

Search Customer by Name