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event reports and downloads

Changes in Reports and Downloads

We previously offered two reports as on-screen displays: the Event Sales Report and Multi-Event Sales Report. We recently changed these to PDF documents complete with your own logo. In addition, surveys are now exportable to CSV in the same downloads page — even for very large reports. We understand that this change may not be…
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5 Ways to Increase Concession Revenue at Events with Early Arrivals

5 Ways to Increase Concession Revenue at Events with Early Arrivals Invite patrons to arrive early to your ticketed events. Not only can they beat the lines, but they can relax while enjoying food and beverages, or purchase the products they forgot to add during their ticket purchases. (You are already using the product sales…
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WildCard Search by Last Name

Coupon Categories

October 2, 2015 4:30am Coupon Categories – By Customer Request We would like a way to organize our coupon codes. When you have multiple pages of coupons they can be hard to find. It would be nice to group them in categories that we can make ourselves. The new coupon category feature allows you to…
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Credit Card Security

Preventing Credit Card Fraud

In news accounts over the last year, we have all learned about security breaches leaking credit card data for millions of consumers. What we don’t usually hear about is what happens to those credit cards once they are stolen, so we wanted to provide a synopsis of what happens once your credit card data is…
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Automated Email Reminders

Event Reminder Emails On December 4, 2014, the following feature request was made: “How about an e-mail reminder that is automatically sent XX days before an event – “Just a reminder about your tickets for tomorrow’s show!” Especially useful for people who make reservations weeks or months in advance.” And that is precisely what we’ve…
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Ticketing Exchanges

You asked for improved reporting around ticketing exchanges and multiple events, the ability to refund money after tickets have been exchanged, and you suggested that comments from orders be copied over to new exchanged orders. We did them all and more! Read details below: Refunds Allowed on Exchanged Orders Yes, Virginia, you may now refund…
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Replicate Events

Replicate Events in ThunderTix

Replicate It and Save Time Creating Events! Need to create a new event in ThunderTix that is similar to one you’ve already done in the past? Let’s say you have an event where most of the information is identical to a new one you want to create. Our new “Replicate” feature will save time by…
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Barcode Scanning on an iPhone

How the ThunderTix App Works The native iOS app uses the camera already built in to the Apple’s phones and tablets as the scanner. On the day of the event, the staff member scanning will open the app, login using their ThunderTix username and password, and like the USB option, choose the event, position the…
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Barcode Scanning with USB Powered Scanner

Traditional Barcode Scanning using a Computer We firmly believe that the best option for scanning tickets is with a corded USB barcode scanner like a Motorola DS4308 that can scan both paper tickets and tickets from the customer’s smart phone. A USB scanner plugs in to some device like a laptop, netbook or tablet and…
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Free Barcode Scanning App

Reduce ticket fraud with barcode ticket scanning Our free iOS app and Android app for barcode scanning verifies tickets in less than a second. Faster entrance into your venue or event translates to happier customers and more time for them to spend money on concessions. Designed for iPads and iPhones, download the app, log in…
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