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Sell more tickets with TripAdvisor

Sell More Tickets with TripAdvisor

Most of us think of TripAdvisor as a resource for planning hotel stays or booking tours. In reality, a TripAdvisor listing is vital to all event businesses. This is especially true if your goals include growing sales with customers outside of your geographic area and to sell more tickets. In this article, we discuss the…
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Cut Costs

Cutting Expenses and Increasing Event Revenue

You’ve just wrapped up another year, and if you are like most business leaders, January is your time to define the goals for the new year. When our numbers don’t pan out as we’d hoped, we generally tend to set a goal of increasing event revenue. For event business owners, that generally translates to, “I…
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Ticket Price Increases: Do They Help or Hurt Profits?

Businesses strive to maximize revenues, and for our clients, ticket prices and fees are the primary means to that end. The law of supply and demand dictates that a shift in price will have a correlating shift in demand. However, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes the reverse is true, and price increases can increase…
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Online Giving

Charitable Giving and Effect of New Tax Laws

There are two versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and while the house and senate hammer out their respective bills’ differences, you can begin to prepare for the effect on charitable giving through tax law changes. First, donations are tax deductible only when made to “qualified organizations” and only when included on Form…
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You cannot leave a single seat empty

Prevent Empty Single Seats

Every once in a while, a patron might prefer a little elbow room by leaving an empty seat between them and the next person.  Empty single seats in the middle of a row can cause challenges especially during sellout dates as it can be difficult to sell individual seats by themselves. We have a new algorithm…
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Customer Service Satisfaction

5 Hallmarks to Great Customer Service

How much time is too much before you’re greeted by waitstaff at a restaurant? How deep should the supermarket line become before a backup cashier is called? And if you showed up at the hospital, what is an acceptable wait time? LWBS is the acronym used in the healthcare industry to describe when patients are…
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Upcoming Event Monitor Display

Event Display for a Monitor

We have a new event display monitor for a TV, or flat-screen, that’s particularly useful for tours with lots of tour dates and times. The monitor display is designed for those of you with multiple events running at one time. Customers sometimes mill around the lobby area deciding whether or not they should buy a…
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Boost TripAdvisor Reviews!

5 Ideas to Raise Revenue for Daily Tours

Running a business is hard, and it can be difficult for owners to find the time to implement new ways to raise revenue for daily tours. Here are 5 quick ideas to help bring in more visitors, raise visibility and raise profits. Send customers home with coupons for their next visit Office supply stores sell…
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Create a Reserved Seating Season Package

Sell a Reserved Seating Season Pass

Like our general admission package option, your reserved seating events may be bundled together to allow the selection of a seat for the entire season of shows in a single purchase. This time-saving feature has garnered enthusiastic feedback from our clients who may have previously placed separated orders for each show! “This option is wonderful…
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Event Summary Information

Improvements to Packages for Bundled Events

Replicate Packages Now that event packages are available for both reserved seating events and general admission events, we figured you needed an easier way to create variations of repeat packages. Use the new Replicate button with both Open and Defined Packages to create new packages using data from previously created packages. Customize Donation Message in…
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