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Another restaurant owner selling tickets is Iliana Regan in Chicago. Regan’s ‘Elizabeth’ has been selling tickets instead of accepting reservations for over a year. Here’s a look at yet another restaurant ticketing software success story.
Next and Aliena may be the original ticket selling restaurants in Chicago, but they are far from the only ones. Iliana Regan chef and owner of ‘Elizabeth’ has been selling restaurant tickets for the her highly regarded dining experience since the beginning.
Before opening ‘Elizabeth’ Regan served guests in her home in what was considered an underground dining experience. Thanks to the word of mouth spread by Chicago’s adventurous gastronuts,  Regan eventually earned the financial backing needed to open a proper location, naming it in tribute to her sister Elizabeth.
Recently, Zagat wrote of a change in the format of the dining experience. The “communal dining,” a legacy from when guests were at Regan’s home, is not a more traditional table seating.

After coming from the underground where it was all communal, and people received it so well, it only seemed like the right thing to do,” Regan said. “It was a wonderful way to gather, to say the least.” Unfortunately, it didn't work. Regan attributes three complications. First, diners did not realize it was communal dining, even though it is clearly stated on the home page of the restaurant's website. Second, the restaurant’s format meant more diners with more personalities seated together, which didn't always make for a smooth dining experience.

Zagat goes on to note the prix fixe menu has been refined, reducing the number of courses to twelve allowing "Regan to focus her team and showcase more elaborate, refined dishes." Future customers are assured that Regan’s so-called new gather cuisine continues in all its deliciousness for “version 2.0” of ‘Elizabeth’ restaurant.
Ticket prices vary from $65 to $165, and will continue to be sold via the restaurant's website.

Public's Response to Elizabeth Selling Tickets

Restaurants Selling TicketsProfessional restaurant critics and Yelp users alike have nothing but praise and accolades for Iliana Regan and ‘Elizabeth’ restaurant. Yelp users have an equally positive opinion of the hot new trend of having to buy tickets instead of making a telephone reservation.

"Elizabeth has joined the growing ranks of small, high caliber restaurants selling "tickets" rather than taking reservations"

"It was mostly lovely, the food was great, presentation was gorgeous, and the service was fine. I actually had to change the date of my tickets and they were very helpful and nice."

As described on the ‘Elizabeth’ restaurant website, the ticketing system allows the team to plan ahead, remain as earth-conscious as possible, house a small staff, and keep the space intimate. All of these measures are to ensure that guests have the best experience possible.

In the frequently asked questions section, a recurring concern is what happens if the ticket buyer cannot fulfill their commitment to appear. Similar to the policy at Next, Elizabeth allows customers to transfer the tickets to another person. Note that if Iliana Regan didn't sell tickets, the alternative would be a costly reservation no-show.

Restaurant owners across the country are all too painfully aware of the problem of no-shows and may find relief by following Iliana Regan's lead. Staving off no-shows is not the only benefit of selling tickets, the policy also generates much needed up-front capital.

Chef and TV celebrity Ludo Lefebvre’s new upscale restaurant Trois Mec says that by selling  tickets he gets $2,160.00 in up-front liquidity (twenty-four $90 tickets sold in-advance).

For Restaurant Owners Selling Tickets Solves the No-Show Problem

Your restaurant can put an end to no-shows and enjoy having all that cash up-front just like Iliana Regan and Ludo Lefebvre.

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