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Reservations vs. Walk-ins vs. Restaurant ticketing software

The Seattle Times says that restaurant reservations are a “tricky business.” Telephone reservations can lead to costly no shows. Conversely, not accepting reservations and relying on walk-ins can lead to a long wait for a table. Is there a better way? (Hint: Yes, restaurant ticketing software.) A rock and a hard place Everyone is familiar…
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Restaurant Owners Selling Tickets - Iliana Regan

New Gatherer Cuisine Another restaurant owner selling tickets is Iliana Regan in Chicago. Regan’s ‘Elizabeth’ has been selling tickets instead of accepting reservations for over a year. Here’s a look at yet another restaurant ticketing software success story. Next and Aliena may be the original ticket selling restaurants in Chicago, but they are far from…
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How to sell restaurant tickets for any kind of food service

Next in Chicago changed the restaurant business forever when it began to sell restaurant tickets instead of accepting telephone reservations. And you may be surprised to learn that any kind of food service – not just high-end fine dining – can benefit from selling tickets. Here’s how… Tickets are not just for fine dining When…
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How restaurant ticketing software helps lower costs

A benefit of using restaurant ticketing software – in lieu of accepting telephone reservations – is lower staffing costs by eliminating “unknown unknowns.”

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Spinning Plates & Selling Restaurant Tickets

A documentary film featuring chef Grant Achatz – a pioneer of selling restaurant tickets – puts the spotlight on just how meaningful food can be and the power it has to connect us to one another. Spinning Plates Often eclipsed by the glamour and excitement of fine dining are the stories of the people behind the scenes…
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New Trend: Pop-up Restaurants Selling Tickets

The trend of restaurants selling tickets in lieu of taking reservations has now expanded to include so-called “pop-up” restaurants – like Travail in Minneapolis Minnesota. Is the increasing momentum of restaurants selling tickets proof that the days of taking telephone reservations are coming to an end? “Get as many butts in the seats as possible.” When the New…
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The Chef's Table As "Rock Concert" With Restaurant Ticketing Software

The chef’s table table dining experience is rapidly becoming a “performance” on par with live music concerts as restaurant owners look to increase per guest revenue. The chef’s table as “rock concert” examples have something in common – restaurant ticketing software. 3 Hour “Performance” Chef’s Table After buying tickets, the audience waits in anticipation. The…
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Does this look like a solution to the reservation no-show problem?

Some restaurants have stopped taking reservations to stave off no shows. But not taking reservations results in a long line of customers waiting for a table. Does the photo above look like a customer friendly solution to the reservation no-show problem? There is a better way – sell tickets! To Queue or Not to Queue…
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Why Roaming Supper Clubs Need Ticketing Software

The ever increasing popularity of roaming supper clubs makes supper club ticketing software a must have. But not for the same reason Next in Chicago is selling tickets in advance (to stave off reservation no-shows). A roaming supper club’s to-be-announced, impermanent location is its biggest problem – something ticketing software also solves. What Is A Roaming Supper Club?…
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Why You Should Sell Prix Fixe Menu Tickets

There has been a revolution of sorts lately. Restaurants have realized the value of selling prix fixe menu tickets either as stand alone experiences, or in addition to the regular dining format. Some restaurant owners assume selling tickets in advance for a prix fixe experience means very high-end dining (and equally high prices) but that is…
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